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If you want to replenish your Perfect Money wallet, it is best to solve this problem with the help of electronic exchangers. They allow you to deposit funds in any currency and carry out the conversion of funds at current rates. This method should be used even if you have a dollar bank card.

Solving the problem by direct transfer to EPS is more straightforward. The system works with bank transfers, but the conditions could be more favourable and convenient. First of all, you will need to fill out a particular application – a depository order. Only then will it be possible to carry out the transfer. The minimum deposit amount is $1,000. For most users, this figure is too prominent.

As for private money changers, it is hazardous to work with them. It is possible to contact a scammer who, having received a transfer from you, will not send the equivalent to an electronic wallet or charge a hefty commission.

Therefore, exchangers remain the best option. You can buy Perfect Money by Visa and MasterCard card by following the link

Advantages of concluding trades with exchangers

The principal benefits of collaboration with exchangers include the following:

  • transaction in one step;
  • no necessity to go via a lengthy verification procedure;
  • the ability to conclude a deal at any convenient time;
  • No strict restrictions on the transferred amounts. Depending on the exchanger, the minimum threshold will be 20-200 dollars, and the maximum reaches a Credit Card of 10,000 USD. Such a range is more convenient because it makes operations available to the maximum number of users.

As for the level of reliability, those times had already passed when exchange services were considered fraudulent projects, and few people dared to entrust their money to them. Of course, there are also single resources that deceive customers today, but they can be easily bypassed.

It is enough to use the functionality of one of the monitoring portals. There are also reviews of real customers, according to which you can understand which service is best to work with. The security of transactions, in this case, reaches high marks. In addition, on the site of the EPS itself, there is a list of exchange sites with which it works.

How to choose an exchanger

Even if you use the help of a monitoring portal, you still need to choose an exchange service that offers a deal on the terms that suit you. Therefore, when planning to exchange, resemble proposals by the following parameters:

  • currency reserve – it should be enough to finish the transfer on time;
  • conversion rate – directly determines the benefit of the trade;
  • the existence of an extra charge – some exchangers pledge their earnings in the conversion rate, while others set the commission separately;
  • restrictions on the number of transfers. Particular attention should be paid to them for those who plan to conclude transactions with minimal or relatively large sums of money.

On the page, you will find all the services to monitor exchange services.

How to make a transfer

To swap money from a Credit Card USD in the PerfectMoney USD system, you require to visit the website of a suitable exchanger , select the exchange direction and fill out a standard application form, study the correctness of the data. Then act according to the prompts because the actions will differ depending on the mode in which the exchange occurs – manual or automatic. But in any case, most transactions take up to 15 minutes. After this time, the money is transferred to the electronic account.

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