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Habib bank limited is a Pakistani multinational bank. Based in Karachi, HBL ranks as the largest bank in Pakistan by assets. The bank offers several attractive options for customers. That is Habib bank limited’s pride and keeps pulling people back to them. With a straightforward HBL account opening methodology, there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider it. HBL saving account and HBL current account also offers HBL internet banking or HBL net banking, which makes HBL account balance check very easy.


HBL Internet Banking

HBL Mobile - Money Transfer


How to Open an Account in HBL

Opening an account in Habib bank limited is accessible. For the H-B-L account opening, you require two copies of CNIC and proof of business or employment. The H-B-L savings account is particularly attractive. While a minimum balance of 10,000 is needed, the H-B-L savings account offers an 8.51% interest rate on savings. This makes H-B-L saving account one of the best ones available in Pakistan. Ready for an HBL account opening? You can visit the nearest H-B-L branch to get your savings account or current account today. HBL online account opening is also available. You can also access HBL mobile and internet banking through your login id and password. Get your HBL bank account today!

Why HBL Internet Banking or Net Banking

HBL account opening is a breeze. What makes it better is internet banking. Internet banking makes the banking experience a lot better. It puts financial transactions just a click away and lets you see your balance in real time. While many internet banking services need to enhance security, HBL’s portal is super secure.

Let’s explore why you should use HBL internet banking. After an HBL account opening, you need to find a way to cut down on bank visits. Internet banking is the solution to that. Several features are offered to make things easier for you. We will look at each one of them.

Access to Account Statements By HBL Net banking

The first significant benefit of HBL internet banking is access to account statements. That means that you can check your balance at any time. It also means you get easy online access to all your transactions. You can even find out the interest you earned on your HBL savings account! Traditionally, an HBL account balance check requires a visit to the bank. Getting an H-B-L account balance check without visiting the bank is truly desirable!

Bill Payments

Another important feature of H-B-L internet banking is bill payments. HBL mobile is a convenient way through which you can do financial and non-financial transactions like utility bills, funds transfers, etc. With this service, you no longer have to visit the bank to pay your bills, with the help of your smartphone now enjoy your banking at your fingertips. You can do so with the click of a button. Online shopping is also made more manageable for you. You can even run a quick H-B-L account balance check after making the payments!

Your H-B-L card management also becomes more accessible with this service. You can manage your Habib bank limited card using the online facility.

HBL Internet Banking Deals

There are several deals available to card users. By using your H-B-L card, you can access many discounts. This ensures the best savings for you and your family. The online facilities available are thus genuinely superb.

HBL Internet Banking Functionality

If you haven’t registered for it yet, you should opt-in for H-B-L online banking today. A vital feature of the H-B-L app is functionality. While most apps are not secure and have bad interfaces, H-B-L makes the service flawless. That means that you can easily use their internet banking. With that convenience and H-B-L account balance check at your disposal, we see little reason for you not to use it! Both H-B-L saving account and H-B-L current account users can use this service. Get registered for H-B-L internet banking today!

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How to Apply for HBL Internet Banking

Now that we’ve told you all about H-B-L account opening and H-B-L internet banking, you must be wondering how to apply for it. It offers an easy H-B-L account balance check and transfers, after all! Lucky for you, applying for internet banking is very easy. If you already own a Habib bank account, you can go through it quickly!

 Step 1. Activate Your Card

The first step is to register your debit or credit card. These come standard with your accounts. That means they are already activated if your account has been used. You might need to activate the cards if you open an entirely new account. Doing so is pretty simple. You have to call the H-B-L helpline, which will assist you.

Step 2. Fill the Application

You need to go to the bank website to get your internet banking account. The online application is available. It is relatively simple to fill. All you need is your debit card number and Pin. For credit-card-owning customers, you also need your email address. Please read the terms and conditions, and then you’re ready to go!

 Step 3. Set a Username and Password and Get Your Account Verified

After registering, you need to set a username and password for yourself. Once you set those up, you need to call customer service for account activation. It is important to remember that biometric verification is essential for online banking activation.

Once you set a username and password and verify yourself, you’re ready to go. It’s as simple as that! You will notice that the portal opens up for you immediately. You can sign in right away!

After signing in, all the options that we mentioned will be available to you. Extras such as an ATM locator and other services are also available. The best part of internet banking is that it comes at no fee. While ATM-based money transfers usually cost, these can be done for free!


HBL truly opens up opportunities for its customers with internet banking. With no fee and easy accessibility, the service is revolutionary. The security features are a nice plus and necessary in fraud. You can stop stressing with your funds now safe and secure with Habib bank net banking. H-B-L Internet banking truly makes life easy. Everything from fund transfers to fee payments is just a click away. Real-time updates are a definite stress reliever for those who need regular payments. Opt in today and enter the world of wonders!

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