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Well, online gaming is quite fun. And PUBG has brought new joys to the gamers. Many are addicted to this game to a level that some are playing it more than 6 hours a day. PUBG is a competitive online game. Players from different devices and origins can team up or fight with each other. The scenario of the battle rushes the blood of the players. And players enjoy that feeling. But every player of PUBG desires for more fun and diversity in the game. That’s why PUBG Corp has introduced the zombie mode. If you are here, then you are searching for something. And many other people have searched by the queries PUBG zombies mobile, PUBG zombies, PUBG zombies mode, PUBG zombies game, and PUBG zombies Xbox.


This article will tell you all about the zombie mode, and how can you activate it.

What is a PUBG zombie mode?

Generally, the PUBG offers battle scenes in different situations. You can fight individually or in a team. But in the zombie mode, you have to team up with another player and fight with 98 zombies. You have the advantage of weapons and zombies do not use the weapon. They attack in the form of a mob. It is a match two versus 98.

Initially looks easy, but a mob of zombies never lets the player stay alive for a long time. That’s why zombie mode requires accuracy and vigilance. Any bad move can cost a life in the game.

How to Enter in Pubg Zombie Matches?

Zombie survives till dawn is an event, which is live for a limited time. PUBG Zombies Mobile mode has undead zombies, and you can join the match.

Here are the details of access.

  • Unlock your mobile.
  • Start PUBG mobile.
  • Choose a game mode.
  • Then choose event mode.
  • You can find a zombie survive till dawn in the event list. Select it by pressing OK at the bottom right corner.
  • Ready yourself for the because you will start the matchmaking in the zombie mode.
  • Go to the main menu and find the top navigation bar. There you have to select the custom match
  • Press the filter tab to the left. You will go into the filter mode, and there you will find the zombies. This activity will get you an easy match.
  • Now use filter to find the results which are public. This will give you matches that anyone can join. Otherwise, you will need a password to join the matches.
  • Go through the list of servers. And find the server right for you. This will give you a server with good connectivity.
  • After selecting the server, press the join button. You will gain entry to the zombie match.
  • If the above- mentioned method does not get you in the zombie match. Then try multiple times, because many players are fighting for the same spot. And due to the traffic, you are not getting access.
  • You can try different servers if the first server does not work.
  • Also, you must be persistent with your tries.

Can you create a custom Pubg Zombie Match?

No, you cannot create a custom zombie match in PUBG Zombies Game. This feature may be available in the future. But presently, there is no chance.

Only PUBG partners can create a custom zombie match.

You can join the already existed matched created by PUBG partners.

Zombie matches are quite an in demand. You will find the spot after much effort. But the reward of the effort is great. You get new visual experience and game sensations. Zombie mode offers a unique satisfaction to the players. One has to tackle a mob from every side. So use our suggested method and play zombie mode or on PUBG Zombies Xbox.

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