Stubborn Personality Disorder – How to Deal

So Stubborn Personality Disorder is not a disease and it may be in your interest or in some ways, it is poisonous for your own self. The stubborn definition is that you are not willing to change your attitude or any position or your behavior towards any situation. A Stubborn synonym is simply being inflexible, uncooperative, and uncompromising over a situation or in your own life and towards others. This article has shed light on the stubborn example, definition, and stubborn synonym to give you a wider perspective of being stubborn as a mule.

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Stubborn Personality Disorder

There is always two points of views and that’s where conflict of interest and opinions takes place. You want to achieve something and you are sticking to your motive like a rock because you believe in yourself. But showing stubbornness and giving it a name of confidence to reach for your goal is false.

Stubborn Synonym and Definition:

If you want to stop being stubborn as a mule towards the people you love and change your inflexible behavior towards them then watch out your habits. You can get rid of this unfriendliness and stop being one of the stubborn examples in the world. Stubborn definition or stubborn synonym includes a mulish, obdurate, obstinate, opinionated course of action by that person followed by resistance. Dogged and Obstinate are famous stubborn synonym.

Stubbornness is the nasty aspect of perseverance. People that exhibit this feature believed to this notion that they truly are enthusiastic, critical, packed with conviction, and ready to stand their own ground — all these are admirable leadership qualities. Being stubborn isn’t necessarily a terrible thing. But if you are standing your ground for the wrong reasons, are you doing this right?

Fear of New Situations:

Reluctant to accept the change is a simple stubborn definition. Such people are afraid of the change and they consider the change as a threat and try their level best to avoid it. You are a stubborn person if you fear the change and try every possible means to refuse it.

A stubborn example is that you look at the change being imposed on you as a threat and feel oppressed by the other.


In some perspective, you will find your stubbornness necessary like sticking to your routine and lifestyle. Showing consistency in your scheduled things may bring positivity in your life like reaching your workplace in time, reading books, exercise, study, writing, and eating meals on time.

However, if you are that kind of person and fear the change in your life, any surprising stressful situation may put you into a difficult situation. You may not be ready for that particular situation and lose your mind at the moment. It is suggested to accept the change no matter how bad it looks.

Fear of change may lead you in a condition to resist the bitter reality and you remained stubborn. A person can be called a stubborn example if he or she does not agree to move out of their comfort zones. You may look at the change as a harsh reality, but time will heal you and make you stronger than before.

You Argue About Everything:

The formula of stubborn implies upon you if you hate even the idea that you are wrong. You restrain yourself from the situation and people, which eventually may prove you on the wrong side of the string.

Big egos are another stubborn example, which you can find around you or even inside you. Egos may lead you to suffer from any kind of relationship, For example; husband & wife, parents & children, friendships or employee-employer relationships. Being one of the stubborn examples in any one of these relations may have drastic consequences.

stubborn example

In this way, ego may fall under the stubborn synonym or stubborn definition. If you are one of the egoistic creatures, you should better work on that before it’s too late to save your relationships.

You Never Change Your Mind:

You are definitely an obstinate human being if you never change your mind regarding any theory or concept. People who do not accept the change in their wrong beliefs are the ones who cheat themselves out of the growth and transformation.

Just imagine a scientist with the same nature, who may never change his/her mind. In the future, we are looking forward to with so many new discoveries and the invention may never be possible with such scientists. Long ago, people used to think that the Earth is flat and still there is a category who believes in this theory.

stubborn personality disorder

If you fall into one of these stubborn categories, you have to ask yourself hard questions in order to change your mind and perspective.

You Want To Do Things As Planned:

You are a difficult and stubborn person if you always want things according to the plan. The stubborn definition is being inflexible to every situation and if you are one of them, you want everything done by the end of the day according to the schedule.

But this is not how it works and sometimes the outcome may be a little different. You should understand that if things go out of the plan and your success story moves in different directions. It may be turned best irrespective of your dream.

Although such people get irritated, if things go out of the plan but learn to stay positive all the time.

Booked Up Months In Advance:

You are a stubborn person if you booked up yourself for a month in advance and prefer commitments over anything. The stubborn synonym is being uncooperative towards people around you like boss, colleagues, family, and friends.

It clearly makes you a stubborn personality disorder person who prioritizes his/her work over relations, friendships, and sometimes family. Look up, if you have a mulish habit, you will not bother to compromise over your tasks.

Booking up yourself in advance for work or other commitments and not showing flexibility to make a couple of changes in them is a true example of stubbornness.

You Say “No” More Often:

Watch out if you are a stubborn person, you will prefer to say No to anyone at first place for any task. A person with stubborn personality disorder says No in response to anything and it makes you more comfortable than saying Yes.

You are way too stubborn, if “No” is the only answer to give in response by others kind act or a query.


You Enjoy Judging Others:

So if You are literally a person with stubborn personality disorder born ever, if you judge others often and enjoy it as well. If you cannot help yourself with this habit of judging others than you are a stubborn person.

You are a stubborn person, if you feel happy that the world has acted in the same way, you expect. However, you will judge the world and people around you, if certain action contradicts your opinion and expectation.

Letting Go Seems Harder For You:

The stubborn personality disorder definition may fit in if you feel hard to let go of something. Whether it’s a debate you lost with your buddy or colleague or it’s a simple game of chess or an argument, you hold it up.

A person who holds grudges, resentments, and avoids people to fall into this category. This stubbornness inside you makes it hard for you to let go of any moment of your failure and eventually you lose your mind. This mental condition may affect your health if it stays constant and for a long time.

You, Will, Do Anything To Prove Others Wrong:

If someone has said that you cannot do something, then in order to prove the other person wrong, you will do anything to make it possible.

There are two perspectives of showing this kind of stubbornness. The upside view of this perspective is that, if you are determined enough to prove someone wrong, then it may pave a way for your future endeavors and you may achieve success.

 personality disorder

Whereas, the downside of this kind of unwillingness to give up is that you put every effort to prove them wrong. In this way, you put your relationship and your own well-being at stake.

Emotional Shut Down:

You are definitely an obstinate soul if you do not show your friends who you really are. It means that you fear that the wall you have created around you may break down.

Stubborn refusal is that a person refrains to show the real human he is from inside. Such a person is afraid of being exposed to the world and prefers to remain in its own shell instead.

Stubborn resistance is dangerous and a person may prefer to shut down himself emotionally to protect them from being hurt. People may call you an obstinate person or rude in your absence.

If you fear that you may fall under the stubborn example then reading this may help you overcome this habit.

At the origin of most of the stubbornness could be your fear of letting go of one’s own thoughts, and identity. However, as a renowned author, James Baldwin eloquently said,”Any real change implies the breakup of the world as one has always known it. However, it’s just when a person can, without bitterness or self-pity, to surrender a fantasy he’s chasing long or cherished or perhaps a privilege he’s possessed, he is free to fly for better dreams, for greater privileges.”

What Makes a Person Stubborn?

A stubborn person comes with a resolute adherence to their own ideas and opinions. Even a stubborn person also sometimes features a sturdy resistance to change, particularly when the shift has been inflicted upon him by somebody else. A stubborn person has the attitude of”No, I won’t, also you also cannot make me personally”.

How Can you Tell if Someone is Stubborn?

4 Signs You Might Be a Stubborn Person

(1) You fear new scenarios. Stubborn people are fearful of shift or change
(2) Argue about everything. Stubborn people have difficulty admitting when they’re mistaken
(3) You never change your own opinion
(4) You avert advice that contradicts your faith

What is an Example of Being Stubborn?

An example of all stubborn can be really a toddler that won’t come out from a vehicle. The stubborn definition could be somebody who is not willing to change his or her opinion or posture, despite any reasons. An example of all stubborn can be really a dictator who’s lost the fame of his public but neglects to resign out of office.

Sometimes, letting go of an exceedingly staunch position could lead to greater significance than you originally expected.

How to deal with a stubborn man?

Most of the people around the world have a stubborn personality.  Men are not easy to handle especially if they are stubborn. There are some of the tips to handle a stubborn man.

  1. Your effective actions make the man realize what to do.
  2. Always have a communication with the person.
  3. Go head-head to him.
  4. Sometimes say sorry if you are wrong it makes the man feel your intentions.
  5. Do not overwhelm yourself for analyzing him.

How to deal with stubborn people?

A stubborn personality disorder is one of the alarming situations in some people. This type of person only wants whatever they are saying they are right. Even they are not looking at the pros and cons of the situation. We will discuss some points to tell people how to deal with a stubborn person.

  1. Give the stubborn person a challenge to change his/her attitude. 
  2. If your discussion takes the dramatic turn always excuse yourself to the other place in the house.
  3. Be careful of using the word always chooses the right words so it brings positive outcomes instead of fighting.
  4. Always try to talk to the people face to face it gives you the courage to put your point forward. 
  5. Keep noticing your tone and volume 
  6. Stubborn people are good smart and good decision-makers so try to think according to them.
  7. When you are having a conversation with stubborn people it makes you exhaust so try to take a deep breath.

How to deal with a stubborn boyfriend? 

All the relationship requires patience and compromise. Man and women both have to try to see the position of each other.  We will talk about how to deal with stubborn boyfriend.

  1. The stubborn person always thinks that nobody is giving him a chance to talk. Give a chance to your stubborn boyfriend to talk so after all the discussion you can give your point of view to him.
  2. Always show your stubborn boyfriend you are valued in her life. This makes him realizes to give you the same importance.

Why is it bad to be stubborn?

Being stubborn is not bad at all. The person can be a good leader having a passion for his goal.  The stubborn guy always prefers himself to be right.  As everyone wants a chance to put his/her idea forward, giving equal chance makes the person feel good.  

How do you deal with a stubborn child?

  1. Never force your stubborn child to do what you want him/her to do.
  2. Give them multiple options that you thought easy for your child to accept.
  3. Always stay calm. 
  4. Make them busy with you in a different activity which they prefer.

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