Zulfiqar Sword of Hazrat Ali Razi Allah Tala Anhu – Amazing Facts

Al Zulfiqar or Zulfiqar is one of the nine swords of Rasool Allah, peace and blessings be upon him. And this beautiful sword almost never left his side. The prophet acquired this sword as war booty in the battle of Badar or the Arch Angel Gabrial might have brought the original Zulfiqar sword. It is a common belief that Zulfiqar is a double-edged sword. And it has a notch where its blade was divided into two. According to tradition, it was given to Hazrat Ali in some battle when his own sword broke. Many Shiites wear the Zulfiqar sword Locket as a symbolic gesture.


There is no hero like Ali and there is no sword like Zulfiqar (Dhul Faqar).


Zulfiqar Sword


Al zulfiqar, notched, double pointed azrat Ali, The messenger of Allah,


The Origin of the Name Zulfiqar:

The name Zulfiqar or Zulfaqar might have originated from the Arabic word Fiqrah or engravings on the sword, or maybe its origin lies in the literal meaning of Faqar (the vertebrae or spine). Which gives the Zulfiqar its name, the spine splitter. There is another source of the name too. Some people believe it is named after the Arabic name of the Celestial belt of Orion. Referring to the heavenly origin of the double-bladed sword.

Hazrat Ali R.A has legendary importance in Islamic history. The Ottoman Army had the symbol of Zulfiqar on their flags, especially the elite Turk army


The legend of the sword Zulfiqar


Battle of badar, battle of Uhud, Zulfiqar sword locket

Hazrat Ali was one of the bravest men of his time. It is said that during the battles of Badar, Uhud, and Khandaq, while he fought the angels, praised him. Legend has it that when during the battle of Uhud Hazrat Ali broke his sword during fight Rasool Allah blessed him with the original Al Zulfiqar sword. The messenger of Allah said There is no brave man like Ali and there is no sword like Zulfiqar.

Another narration of the incident says it was the Arch Angel Gabrial who brought the sword for Hazrat Imam Ali and uttered these words.

It is also reported in Sahih hadith that Rasool Allah saw a dream on the night of the battle of Uhud. And he saw this sword in his dream on the night of the battle of Uhud. This is the reason why many Muslims like to wear the Zulfiqar sword locket as a symbol of bravery and attachment to Hazrat Ali R.A


The Sword of Imam Ali

Notched Groove, Ali ibn, Arch angle gabrial, double pointed

The fourth Caliph Imam Ali kept the sword and fought with it till his death. After his martyrdom, his oldest son Hazrat Imam Hasan inherited it. After Hazrat Imam Hasan it came into the possession of Imam Husain R.A. Imam Hussain fought with this double-bladed sword in Karbala.

8 out of 9 Swords of Rasool Allah are kept in the Toop Kapi museum and one is in Cairo Egypt. But there is no trace of Zulfiqar. The Shiite Muslims believe that the sword is with the Imam in occultation, the Imam Mehdi.


Zulfiqar sword: A Symbol Of The Muslim Army

Muslims Army from an old-time used the Zulfiqar sword as a symbol of chivalry and bravery. It was imprinted on the flag of the elite Ottoman Army since the 1300s. The Mughal Army of India Also carried an emblem of swords. In the modern Persian army too, the orders of the army were named after it. A battle tank in Iran shares the name Zulfiqar. During the Bosnian war, a special unit in the Bosnian Army was named Zulfikar.

Zulfiqar is also a well-loved given name for children in Pakistan, India, and other parts of the Muslim world.


The double-edged sword as a Shiite Symbol

Double edged sword, Messenger of Allah.Arch angle Gabrial, double pointed , notched groove. double edged sword

Factually speaking being double-edged is not a quality to look for in a sword. But many swords went through wear and tear during the war. And was a common thing for the blade to be broken into two. It is most probably the reason why Zulfiqar was double-bladed.

Many Zulfiqar sword lockets and Talismans are made in a double-edged shape. Most of these lockets have an engraving of the words of the Holy Prophet. There is no brave man like Ali and there is no Sword like Zulfiqar.


Imam Ali, the Lion of Allah

And indeed Hazrat Ali bin Abi Talib was one of the finest swordsmen of Arabia. He was brave and courageous. In the battle of Khyber when the Muslims failed to break the Khyber fort. Rasool Allah said, Tomorrow I will give the emblem to the one who loves Allah and his prophet, and whom God and His prophet love. Allah will bequeath victory upon him.  And the next day he appointed Hazrat Ali to lead the attack. And prayed for his success. Ali Razzi Allah couldn’t be a part of the earlier attempts to win the citadel. He fought with a new determination. Ali pulled out the door of the largest fort, Qumais, off its hinges and made way for Muslims to enter the fort.

Ali fought with the Jew’s chieftain, Merhub. And cleaved him into two in a single blow of his sword. Ali chanted the following poetry in reply to Merhub’s war cry.

I am the one whose mother named him Haidar (lion),

(And am) like a lion of the forest with a terror-striking countenance.

And I give my opponents the measure of sandara in exchange for sa‘(goblet)

(i. e. return their attack with one that is much more fierce)


Final words:

The sword Zulfiqar has legendary importance in the Muslim tradition, especially the Shiite Muslims believe the Archangel Gabrial brought the sword Zulfiqar from heaven for Imam Ali. They believe this sword has a divine origin. We do not have any Sahih narrations regarding the origin of this sword, other than that it was a part of the war prize of the battle of Badar. We also don’t know where it is now. As per Shiite tradition, it is with Imam Mehdi, who is in hiding. And he will fight with this sword when he will come out of the occultation.

What do you think of the original Zulfiqar, the sword of the messenger and his beloved companion Hazrat Ali R.A. Do you own a replica of the original Zulfiqar sword, locket or would you like to wear it? What do you find fascinating about the double-edged sword of the messenger of Allah? The comments section is all open for your valuable thoughts and suggestions.


Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the real Zulfiqar sword?

The Zulfiqar sword was one of the swords of Hazarat Muhammad P.B.U.H and this sword was later handed over to Hazrat Ali. It is said that the original Zulfiqar sword was bifurcated. This sword is possibly be kept in the Topkapi museum but we face certain debates about the original Zulfiqar sword that this is not what is original but a piece made to keep as an asset of the great past.

What is the Zulfiqar sword?

COMPOSITION OF WORD: Zulfaqar,  Zu- Al faqar or Zulfiqar, Dhulfaqar, or Dhu- Al Faqar.

WHAT IT IS ACTUALLY: Zulifqar is the sword used by Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W. Later it was forwarded to Hazarat Ali. 

SHAPE OF THE SWORD: Most of the debate lies that the shape of the original Zulfiqar sword was bifurcated which means it is double-bladed.

What is the weight of the Hazrat Ali sword?

The original Zulfiqar sword was about 100 centimetres in length with a weight of approximately Four kilograms.

Can Sunni wear Zulfiqar Sword Locket?

Yes, of course, Sunni Shia both are allowed to wear the original Zulfiqar sword as this is not only the symbol because the personality related to this sword is not only loved and respected in particularly Shia people but also Sunni love, admire and respect Hazrat Ali, as he marked a great deal in Muslim history. So, anyone who is Muslim and accepts Allah Pak as the originator and does not commit shirk can easily wear the original Zulfiqar sword.

What is Zulfiqar in Islam?

Zulfiqar is the name of the sword of Hazarat Ali and this sword has special importance in Islam as an asset of the great personalities who embarked on the name of Islam.

What is written on Imam Ali’s sword?

The name “Ali ibn Abi “is written in Arabic calligraphy on the original sword of Zulfiqar owed by Imam Ali.

What is an Arabic sword called?

In the Arabic dialect, the sword is called shamshir or Saif it depends on which kind of dialect you are using.

What is the greatest sword ever made?

Honjo Masamune was the greatest sword ever made and this sword is particularly named after the smith’s name this sword is named Masamune sword.

What is the curved sword called?

A curved sword is called a scimitar, the dictionary says that a scimitar is a distinctive-looking sword with a short curved blade.

Who was known as Sword of Islam?

Benoti Mussolini is known as the sword of Islam or the protector of Islam. He was a renowned person who embarked on his name in the early years of making Italy a state, Mussolini sat Islam’s name particularly in the region.

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