Zoha Rehman: The First Hijabi Character in Marvel Movies

A Pakistani British actress Zoha Rehman just made ripples by joining the Marvel cinematic universe. She is starring in the new Spiderman movie, “Spiderman: Far from Home” alongside Tom Holland, Zendaya and Jake Gyllenhaal, and not as an extra.

Muslim and South Asian identities are carving space for themselves in the blockbusters now. And these characters are not typical Trio of Ts, (techie, Terrorist or taxi driver)  as the Pakistani born British immigrant Zoha Rehman calls it.



Who is Zoha Rehman?

Zoha is a Pakistani British who was born and raised in Pakistan and moved to Britain with her family after recently. She is studying to become a lawyer and acting was more like a hobby for her.

She did not know when she was auditioning that it will be her door to the Marvel Universe, it was when she received the script after signing the non-disclosure agreement that she realized she will be the first hijabi character in a Spiderman Movie, Far from home.


She was ecstatic about the opportunity:

It wasn’t until she received the script after signing the non-disclosure agreement, that she realized she will be in a Marvel movie. She was ecstatic naturally, “It meant so much to me.” She added, “For me to have the opportunity to play a character and represent so many girls that I know personally and that I love and admire,” 

Zoha Rehman wanted to do it right:

When she was told about the character being the first Hijabi to appear in a Marvel movie, she sent her dupatta clad selfies to the manager right away. Talking to The National, Zoha Rehman said. She worked closely with the stylist to make sure the Hijabi teenager was portrayed right on the screen.

This is indeed a huge step in making the cinema inclusive:

Talking to Forbes Zoha Rehman said, “We grow up watching television and blockbuster movies. And if we don’t see ourselves on those screens, then we don’t really exist, do we?” and this is the sentiment of hundreds of movie watchers all over the world.


Maryam Kishwer

Maryam is a creative person at heart, Jack of all trades and master of none, but she prefers it that way. Mom to two amazing boys, a wanderers soul, dreamy-eyed painter, an early morning Yogi, and a writer.

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