yoga benefits, yoga poses, yoga exercises, benefits of yoga

Yoga is an ancient science of wellbeing. Just 15 minutes of yoga benefit you in more ways than you can imagine. In reality, yoga is much more than just yoga poses and yoga exercises, it is a lifestyle choice.

Yoga benefits your mind, soul and body through yoga poses, meditation and breathing. Unlike other fitness regimes, yoga involves the brain in the workout and thus produces greater results.

yoga benefits, yoga poses, yoga exercises, benefits of yoga

Yoga exercises or techniques are designed to create harmony between our spiritual and physical existence. When you regularly practice yoga it changes the brain chemistry and your response to stress. A sense of calm and happiness is a scientifically proven benefits of yoga.

Right from the first session, even when you are unable to make the yoga poses perfectly, you will start to notice the amazing benefits of yoga.

yoga benefits, yoga poses, yoga exercises, benefits of yoga

Yoga Benefits in a Number of Ways

Right after your first session, you will notice a grin on your face. That’s yoga, working!

  • Reduces Stress with Yoga Poses:

15 minutes of hatta yoga and meditation, can alter your brain chemistry over the course of a few weeks.  Yoga benefits you by changing how your body responds to stress. You will less anxious and calmer after a few sessions.

  • Yoga Benefits Night Owls:

The night after your yoga session you will sleep like a baby. And it will improve as you progress in your yoga journey. People suffering from insomnia and other sleep issues can benefit greatly from yoga meditations, especially yoga Nedra.

  • Yoga Poses for Glowing Skin:

Another benefit of Yoga is it improves the blood circulation to the skin. This helps in nutrients reaching your skin and toxin flushing out from it, making the skin look glowing and fresh. The combination of breathing and Suriya namaskar will help you get rosy cheeks.

  • Yoga Uplifts Mood:

Yoga poses and meditation increase the happiness hormone (serotonin) in your body, only after a week of yoga, you will feel the happiness radiating from you. You will be calmer and happier at all times.

  • Increased Flexibility:

Another yoga benefit is a flexible body. I have seen students going from being stiff as log to doing difficult poses in a few months. The yoga poses can help increase flexibility and movement at any age.

  • Yoga Increases Productivity:

A study in 2013, showed that 20 minutes of yoga exercises can increase your productivity level to a great extent. As yoga increases focus, your mind gets clearer.

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t experience all the yoga benefits right away, stay consistent with your yoga exercises and in no-time, you will be sporting the post-yoga glow.

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