Lux Style Awards 2019 -Yasir Hussain Proposed To Iqra Aziz

Finally the moment, which people have been waiting has come after Yasir Hussain dramatic proposal to Iqra Aziz at Lux Style Award 2019. The two love birds are officially engaged at LSA 2019. The most talked duo in town got hitched finally, after Yasir Hussain proposed Iqra in a cutest way.

Iqra Aziz has won our hearts with her mesmerizing performance in Suno Chanda and Ranjha Ranjha Kardi. At Lux Style Awards LSA 2019, Iqra bagged two prestigious awards for her great acting skills. While Yasir is an actor, host, and a writer as well.

Yasir Hussain Dramatic Proposal To Iqra Aziz At LSA

Yasir Hussain came down from the stage with a song in the background “Teray Bin Maira Jeevan Kuch Nahin”. He said Iqra has won two awards today at LSA 2019 and I thought this is the best time to give her the third award too.

Literally the right time to unveil their relationship as they have been hiding and denying it for months. They were silent on the rumors of the duo in a relationship with Yasir being head over heels in love with his lady. A dramatic proposal has left everyone stunned with a big “Awwww”. A cute confession of being in love with a girl he met and decided to spend his rest of life with her shows that he was waiting for the right moment.

But, Iqra got confused that What on Earth is Happening??

He went down on his knees with a ring to propose Iqra Aziz and she said “YES”. People were screaming on such a beautiful proposal.

Yasir Hussain Dramatic Proposal…Cutest moment though!!

Well, some people hated the way Yasir Hussain expressed his love with hugs and lots of kisses with “Hawww”, but their fans are so much happy for them.

Well, he is annoyed that this is Islamic Republic of Pakistan and not Europe!

This is a hot topic on the internet as the cute pictures of the duo and a romantic proposal by Yasir Hussain are making rounds on the social media.

People are loving their wardrobes too and they rocked LSA 2019 after this cute announcement. 

We wish the couple best of luck for the future life ahead.

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