Yasir Hussain & Iqra Aziz Instagram Vacation Pictures & Videos

Iqra Aziz Instagram has flooded with her and Yasir Hussain pictures as the Duo are on vacation together but people cannot digest it. The couple has been posting TikTok videos on Instagram. Along with a video he posted a comment on a video for his fans and haters. Iqra Aziz pics are worth seeing and the couple is looking good together.



The message under the video in which they are acting on a song from the movie “Ham hain Rahi Pyar ke” is “Geo Aur Jeene” “LIVE and Let LIVE”.

He warned his haters in the post to stop commenting hateful speech otherwise his assistant is going to block them all.

Well someone just replied to his threatening post for the haters and it is hilarious.

iqra aziz instagram

The couple went on vacation after Eid to Thailand and Yasir Hussain has shared a video on Instagram while heading towards their destination.


Since then the two love birds have been sharing cute pictures on Instagram and fans and haters cannot stop themselves from commenting on their personal life.

He calls this vacation a “Honeymoon”. This person seems really annoyed because he never gets Abbu and Ammi ki permission to stay outside at night after 12 am. 

Yasir Hussain Instagram

Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain have not yet made any kind of statement that they are in a relationship or not but have been showing affection in the pictures together.

Yasir Hussain has recently shared another picture with a caption “Water is your Best Friend” in which he is showing his tattoo and people started asking religious questions. Like WOW!

iqra aziz instagram

People actually declared them as Girlfriend and Boyfriend!!

Many people are objecting their holidays together and they cannot stop saying to “Get Married Soon”!

Yasir Hussain Instagram

She is really annoyed over this “Drameyy Bazii”!

iqra aziz instagram

People are expecting a Iqra and Yasir engagement news after Sajal and Ahad engagement.

Well some said it right to get Nikkafied, when they are traveling 24/7 together.

Yasir Hussain Instagram


Yasir turned out to be a good photographer and he has been capturing beautiful pictures of Iqra Aziz.

Iqra Aziz Instagram Flooded with vacation pictures.



The adorable Iqra Aziz pics were shared pertaining to their Thailand Holidays but people have objected to their hangout together.

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