Yasir Breaks Silence About Iqra In Waseem Badami Show

In an interview with Waseem Badami, Yasir Hussain gave many problematic answers and even breaks the silence about marrying Iqra Aziz soon. Yasir was asked ‘Masoomana sawal’ from Badami to dig out the reality of his relationship with Iqra Aziz.

Yasir smartly answered all the questions related to Iqra Aziz.

Yasir Hussain Breaks the Silence on Marrying Iqra Aziz

When asked about marriage Yasir said “He is sure about the person he is going to get married. However, the girl may not be sure about it yet.”

We all know that Yasir Hussain is talking about which girl…! Its all over his Instagram feeds and stories. He has not clearly mentioned it. People have been talking about him tying a knot with Iqra Aziz soon after coming back from vacation.

What we can call it #Baecation has raised many eyebrows and people are still expecting a confession from both of them or a hookup. The duo was seen in Thailand on summer vacation as they have been continuously posting pictures on each other on Instagram.

When Yasir Hussain was asked to say “One word for Iqra Aziz”, he said, “She is really a good friend and an actress”.

Waseem Badami cunning enough to extract more information about their relationship asked “Iqra Aziz is only a friend to him, nothing else? Yasir only nodded his head to affirmation.

Waseem Badami has asked him many controversial questions from “Daan-e-daar” comment on Hania Amir to “Udari” child molestation joke on Ahsan Khan.

Yasir Hussain has totally rejected the allegation of saying anything complicated related to the rumor of his joke on child molestation. He said that no one has seen me saying such offensive words. Moreover, he said that people of Pakistan cannot tolerate jokes as they are too sensitive about comedy.

He unveiled the behavior of this society towards insensitive jokes by saying,

‘Red carpet pai hum Backless to pehn le ge, Lekin Oscar wali Mazak bardasht ni karsakte’.

Waseem again asked him to say a word for “Hania Amir” and he said “Asim Azhar”. Moreover, according to him whatever Hania did after his jolly comment was for fame.

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