WWE Rivalries in Which Superstars Actually Hated Each Other

In the present age, everyone is aware of the fact that Professional Wrestling is a scripted sport. However, it doesn’t mean that all Wrestling Superstars are friends behind the scenes. Over the decades, several wrestling stories have emerged about WWE Wrestlers disliking each other. Sometimes, such real-life WWE rivalries give WWE an idea to create story-lines around them. Feuds that originated from the Montreal Screwjob story-line serve as an example. Bret Hart Vs Shawn Michaels is the most Famous Among rivalries. Let’s Explore WWE’s greatest rivalries.

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WWE Rivalries

So, without further ado, here are 5 WWE Rivalries in which the Superstars actually disliked or hated each other. One of my favorite famous Rivalries was Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels.


CM Punk vs. Ryback

cm punk

CM Punk and Ryback feuded in 2012 and 2013. They collided two times inside Hell in a Cell and one time in a TLC match. This indicates that their on-screen rivalry was quite intense. Interestingly, the two Superstars didn’t like each other that much of the camera as well. CM Punk deemed Ryback as an unsafe worker and said that he legitimately hurt him with some of his moves.


Goldberg vs. Triple H

wwe rivalries, goldberg

It was one of the hottest WWE rivalries of 2003. However, it didn’t do many favors to Goldberg’s wrestling career. He came up short in the end and it devalued his entire run in WWE. Goldberg has expressed his dislike for Triple H at multiple occasions and it shouldn’t take a genius to figure out that the feud between the two could be the root cause of this animosity.


Matt Hardy vs. Edge

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This is one of those wrestling stories that emerged from a real-life rivalry. When Matt Hardy got injured in 2004, his girlfriend started dating fellow Superstar Edge. Due to this, Hardy behaved inappropriately on social media and WWE fired him for it. In the summer of 2005, WWE reinstated Hardy and additionally, booked him in a feud against Edge and Lita.

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John Cena vs. The Rock

wrestlemania, john cena, the rock, hollywood

It was surely one of the biggest WWE Rivalries of this decade. Cena and The Rock faced each other in the main event of Wrestlemania 28 as well as 29. Furthermore, it is interesting to note that both Superstars’ disdain towards each other continued even after the cameras stopped rolling. However, they have patched their relation over the years.


Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart

survivor series, shawn michaels, attitude era, montreal screwjob , bret hart , wwe greatest rivalries

One of the reasons behind Hart’s dislike for Michaels was that he lost to Michaels at Wrestlemania 12 after the Heartbreak Kid falsely assured The Hitman that he would return the win at the following year’s big event. The real-life animosity got even worse after their match at Survivor Series 1997 ended in a controversial fashion i.e. The Montreal Screwjob.

I hope that you like our efforts in putting up WWE’s greatest rivalries of all time. Please share your comments below.

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