World’s First Flu Vaccine With Artificial Intelligence AI: Scientists

It is claimed by researchers that they have successfully made world’s first vaccine for flu through Artificial Intelligence AI. They have now gone to trial in the United States.

World’s First Flu Vaccine Prepared Through AI

Scientists at the Flinders University of Australia have described the phenomenon of this flu vaccine that it is a “turbo charged” which comprises of extra components. These components that stimulates the immune system of the body to produce more antibodies against the flu vaccine to be more effective than normal vaccine.

Professor of medicine at Flinders University, Australia, Nikolai Petrovsky said that this is the first time in the history that flu vaccine have been prepared through Artificial Intelligence AI and it has been forwarded to trial on humans.

He added that AI has played a great role in accelerating the vaccine discovery and preparation process and it has cut the costs massively. Moreover, AI had enabled the development of vaccine process more effective.

The small research team of Professor Petrovsky has spent two years in order to prepare flu vaccine through AI.

At the beginning of this year, World Health Organization said that it is necessary to develop tools to prevent, detect, control and treat such pandemic and seasonal influenza as soon as possible.

The vaccine which is used for the seasonal flu does not provide complete protection. Moreover, the vaccine, which was used during the 2017-18 in seasonal flu was only 10% effective. According to Public Health, England out of 65s, only 15% of the people of all the age groups responded positively towards the vaccine in the UK.

SAM (Search Algorithm for Ligands) System:

Researchers at the Flinders University of Australia have developed a computer running program called SAM’ (Search Algorithm for Ligands). The purpose of SAM which is taught that how to create vaccine to work against the flu through generation of its own drugs. Scientists at the University have claimed that this is going to happen for the first time in the history of the world.

SAM the computer running program have the ability to gain knowledge and understanding and develop new ideas. They gave many suggestions to SAM and later on it came up with the best drug to deal flu, which is more effective called a human immune drug. It was first tested on animals and now applied on humans.



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