ICC World Cup 1992 & 2019 Similarities: Even ICC Is Freaking

Similarities between ICC World Cup 1992 and 2019 are literally freaking people out and even ICC is talking about it. People start wondering more about these uncanny similarities between the two World Cup. ICC also posted this spooky resemblance between the two eras which shows the same stats of Pakistani Cricket team in 2019 and 1992.

Especially after Pakistan vs New Zealand match on 26th June 2019, when Pakistan made history by beating the unbeaten team. Pakistan broke the winning streak again in 2019 just like in 1992.


Like seriously? Is history repeating itself or it is a Déjà vu??

In 1992, Pakistan ICC Cricket World Cup result sequence was Lost, Won, Washout, Lost, Lost and Won.

Now, in 2019, the stats are just the same as before as shown by ICC.

ICC World Cup 1992 vs World Cup 2019

In 1992, the administration decided to use white balls at each end per innings. The administration has decided to let Pakistani Team play with two balls per innings in 2019 as well.

Other Theories that have been presented by the Cricket lovers are:

  • During the opening match, Pakistan lost a match against West Indies in 1992 and the same happens in 2019.
  • Inzamam-ul-Haq was part of the match in 1992. While in 2019, his nephew Imam-ul-Haq is part of the Pakistani cricket team.
  • In 1992, a left-handed batsman Sohail (Aamir) became Man of the match in the sixth match. The same happened in 2019, with Haris Sohail, a left handed-batman who gave an outstanding performance in the sixth match against New Zealand.

Well, we wonder about this one:

  • 1992: Indian and Australia won the last two World Cups.
  • 2019: India and Australia won the previous two World Cups.

Let me tell you about the other two freaking similarities:

In 1992, Asif Ali Zardari was in jail and in June 2019, he got arrested.

1n 1992, Aladdin as a musical animated film was released and its reboot is going to release in 2019. People are looking for signs and this one is just mindblowing!!

Well, Twitter has something more out of the box resemblance.

People are talking about history repeating itself with a perfect meme!

#WeHaveWeWill has started because people freaked out!

These Similarities have shocked people to the point that Pakistanis are hopeful about World Cup 2019 coming home!

People are enjoying such a magical resemblance between 1992 and 2019 World Cup!

This nation is seriously a miracle and blessed indeed!


Pakistani Cricket Fans are excited that Trophy is Coming home!

While others are wondering PakvsBan and Pak vs Agh existence in 1992!

People are looking forward to two matches of Pakistan with Afghanistan and Bangladesh and hopeful to make this deja vu a reality.

What are your views about this uncanny resemblance?? Do tell us in the comment section below.

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