Windows 10: How to Trim MP4 Video

In today’s tech-driven era, smartphones are readily available. Unlike the 90s when video cameras were a thing, almost everyone owns one smart gadget, and recording video footage is only a few taps away. Thereby, when recording video content, there’s a good chance that you capture more footage than you need. That’s where you’ll need to use an editing program to trim mp4 or MP3 videos the way you want. Fortunately, editing videos has become very simple these days with the availability of numerous free online video editors. The good part is that Microsoft Windows 10 is an all-in-one package deal with built-in video editing tools. All you need to do is to follow a few steps and get the ball rolling in no time. Let’s explore how to cut a video on windows 10.


How to cut a video on windows 10

Windows 10 has an inbuilt video trimmer that provides users with an easy way to trim videos without any download. Here are a few simple steps to trim mp4 using Windows.

trim video windows 10

1. Right-click on the video file you want to edit and click on Open with > Photos.

This will allow you to open your video file in the Photos App.

2. To select the trim button, click on the Video trimming option.

trim mp4

3. A new screen will open in front of you. Slide the white/blue sliders you see on the screen and select the portion in between these as the area you wish to keep.

trim video

4. After selecting parts of the video or your required portion, click the Save a copy option. You can locate this at the upper-right corner of your screen

how to trim video windows 10

5. Open the folder where you originally stored the untrimmed video. You can locate a new trimmed video version there. (See the image below for reference).

video trimmer windows

6. Give your video file a new name.


Trip Mp4 Video Single Segment Window 10

You can use the trim mp4 video windows 10 tool to cut out unwanted video frame that is usually at the start and end of the video.

1. Open the built-in photos app by writing Photos in the search bar on the Desktop.

cut video windows

2. Click on the Folder icon at the top of the page. Browse through the folders to locate where your video clip is stored. Select the video by clicking on it.

windows trim video

3. Click on the trim video.

how to clip a video on pc

4. Slide the blue bar left and right to select the part of the video. Whatever is lying between the two blue buttons will be saved as a new video, and the rest will be cut video or removed from the video. The slider acts as a video cutter between video segments.

how to edit a video on windows

5. Click on Save as a copy to save the new project.

windows 10 trim video

6. Open the folder where the original file is stored. There you will be able to find the new video project, the trimmed version of the original mp4 file. (see the image below for reference)

how to clip videos


Trip Mp4 multiple segments windows 10

Windows 10 also allows you to trim multiple segments of your original video to extract separate video clips. The all-in-one video editor allows users to cut videos from several places based on their requirements. Follow the detailed steps given below:

1. Open the Photos app by writing photos in the search bar.

how to clip videos on pc

2. Click on Select.

cut videos in windows

3. If you can’t find the actual video you wish to trim, click on the button to import the video.

trim a video windows 10

4. Click on from a folder option in the drop-down list. And select your desired folder to import video files.

mp4 trimmer

5. After the video is imported, click on New.

how to trim a video

6. In the drop-down list, click on New video project.

how to cut an mp4 video

7. Give your video file a new name and then select OK.

trim mp4 video

8. At the bottom, click on your video in the Storyboard section.

how to cut video on windows

9. Click on Split this video clip in the menu bar above your selected video.

trim mp4 video windows 10

10. Drag the bar till you reach the part where you want the video to split, and click on Done. This will crop the video files by creating two separate clips that you can edit further.

crop mp4

11. Both of the videos are now in the Storyboard section. You can choose the one you want to split again and repeat step 10 to get the same outcome.

how to clip a video

12. You can use the previous steps to continue splitting your videos into multiple segments. You can also reposition your clips by dragging them through the Storyboard section.

trim video in windows 10

13. After completing the required edits to videos, click on the trash button to delete the unwanted content.

14. You can preview the video to see how it looks by using the play button in the preview section. To make any further edits, use the undo button at the top.

how to trim video in windows 10

15. Select the Finish Video option at the top corner of your screen and choose the video quality. Then, select Export.

edit mp4 windows 10

16. Give your file a new name and select the destination folder in the window that pops up.

cut mp4 file


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does the Microsoft video Editor keep crashing?

If the Microsoft video editor keeps crashing, it might be a cause of the video effects you are using. Another reason could be a lack of memory in your system. The movie maker may freeze when you load files from a different program. Another reason could be the unsupported file format or the effects used are too many. For instance, Windows movie maker will likely crash if there are more than 100 video effects.

Does all Windows 10 have a Video Editor?

Yes, Windows 10 comes with a built-in video editor. You can use the editor in the Photos App to create slideshows and combine videos. The software also allows users to add effects like 3D animation, sparkles, and fireworks. The editor is free and has the basic in-built windows tools for editing.



The inbuilt editor in Windows 10 provides multiple editing tools like changing the duration of video clips. However, numerous platforms are available online if you are looking for software with more advanced video editing features. Editing videos in Windows 10 is straightforward and doesn’t require advanced video editing skills. Anyone who knows about working with mac computers or PC can use the Windows 10 editor to extract video content that aligns with their needs. Now you know how to cut a video on windows, please share your feedback in the comments section below.

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