WICKTRON is here to Detect No-Ball: NUST Engineers Team

WICKTRON is here to Detect No-Ball through newly developed Wickets that has been introduced by NUST Engineers Team, Noerric. The name of this team is Noerric which consists of a trio of engineers from National University of Sciences and Technology. Noerric will also be able to partner with IBM Watson and NVIDIA. The startup of the stump device has happened in Pakistan.

We all know that cricket is a sport that has a global fan following. This famous sports in the world will be using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning technologies to improve Cricket worldwide. This innovation will help the umpires make accurate decisions.

Wicktron Specifications

  • The name of this device is Wicktron that will provide fairness and transparency to the no-ball decision.
  • It can easily detect no ball because of the deep computer vision learning.
  • This new technology comprises of 3D cameras and blinking LEDs through which the accuracy of the game will be enhanced and we can be able to get timely results.
  • Wicktron works in an efficient way through a smart watch that regularly read the stump condition and other metrics to allow the umpire to make the right decision in time.
  • With this stump device, the need for third umpire reviews will be automatically eliminated.
  • The smartwatch named Wicktron is going to remove human-related errors made by umpires as well.

For now, Wicktron device will only detect no ball but in the future, this company is planning to eradicate other errors and problems like run-out and stumping issues.

This device was badly needed as in the past around 26% of the no-balls have been challenged by the opposite team and some got reversed. These types of problems usually happens due to the different body postures that make it hard to detect the no-ball. Umpires find it hard to detect it because of the faster pace of the game that does not let them think about the right decision.

The NUST Engineers Team trio in this company Noerric has come a long way. They have at first incubated their product at Plane9 and then entered in NIC and Jazz xlr8 program. This company has come up with solutions to all the problems in Cricket globally. It calls itself a giant of Tech and they have their own milestone to achieve. They are working on another project named “Visorec” which will be using the technology of AI. Wicktron is definitely going to modify cricket at a professional level.

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