Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and SD Alliance Back Together with Huawei

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and SD Alliance are back together with Chinese Company “Huawei” after short term ban from these platforms followed by Google. Many companies recently stopped working with Huawei after U.S decided to cut ties with this Chinese company. The first one in the list of shutting down Huawei was Google, as a result of which they are banned from many Android features.

Other than Google and Qualcomm, Intel, ARM cut ties with Huawei followed by Wi-Fi and SD who became the part of this list. Blacklisting Huawei was the result of U.S President, Donald Trump’s Executive orders.

Wi-Fi and SD Association Back with Huawei

However, Wi-Fi and SD have recently decided to regain their ties with Huawei silently. It is not confirmed yet that whether the restoration of Huawei membership is temporary or permanent. Huawei name is again appeared in the list of board of members with 1000 parties on the official website of companies. The name of Huawei has been listed in the Wi-Fi sponsor list.

According to the recent statement by Huawei, they will continue using the SD cards in their handsets and consumers can continue to purchase and use these products.

We know that Huawei has a plan B in case if they will be forced to stop using SD cards. They can use their own Nano Memory (NM) card as a substitute. They have also their own AppGallery which is going to replace the Google App Store.

Meanwhile, this Chinese company is facing many ups and downs during this time period of 90-days and we are all looking forward to where this trade war between U.S and China ends.

Although Android is still working in the current Huawei handsets, but after facing a ban from Google, this Chinese company may face a problem with certain Apps. In future, they may not be able to use Gmail, YouTube apps and Google Play store on its device. However, after short cutoff from Wi-Fi and SD Association, Huawei found itself back in alliances’ good grace.

However, people who have invested in all of these parties are little confused as they are trying to fall to the right side of the law and their business commitments. These fluctuations at this stage are making some entities uncertain about the future of Huawei.


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