Amazon Echo Vs Google Home- Which Is The Best Virtual Assistant

Alexa Amazon and Google home have made many lives easy together. From reminding users to telling them daily weather, these are extremely helpful. The smart assistant services, whether it is Amazon Alexa or google home, they are integrated with electronic gadgets easily. Many users checkout the comparison related to sound quality amazon echo vs google home. Let’s find out which is the best amazon echo or google home? This article will also cover the Echo dot 2nd Generation.

Google Home

which is the best amazon echo or google homeGoogle Home is a smart voice-assisted speaker that is used to answer queries, add items to the user’s shopping cart, scheduling meetings, play music, and integration with other gadgets. A user can also make phone calls with them. Not only this, but it also helps to find your phone, if you forget somewhere in the home.

The doughnut shape device has a diameter of approximately 3.86 inches. Its height is 1.6 inches.


Amazon Echo which is the best amazon echo or google home

The Amazon Echo Dot is 1.3 inches high and 3.3 inches in diameter. It has a traditional look as compared to Google Home. It can stream tunes for the user, answer the trivia questions, create a list of things-to-do, make calls. It has several built-in capabilities.

Which is the best Amazon Echo or Google Home

Let’s watch out who gets the winning sword! Here are the following factors.


Sound Quality Amazon Echo vs Google Home

It is observed that Google Home has a better sound quality as compared to Amazon. There is almost a difference in 4 dB at the single foot. Amazon has a rounded shape, still, it fails to be as good as Home. Both of the gadgets have their own Amazon Music and Google Play Store. Pandora, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, and Spotify can run on both devices.

Also, a user can create its music library where a user can also upload any music. Whereas, this facility is not present in the Echo.

Furthermore, these two devices can transform as Bluetooth speakers for the smartphone as well as make your room a home theatre easily. Don’t confuse yourself to get amazon Alexa or google home, if you want to be a cheap one, get your hands on Amazon!


Voice Control – Amazon Echo vs Google Home

Google Home can assist you in with both female and male voices. It also has only a single wake word i.e. Hey Google. Talking about Amazon, it has several wake words like Echo, Alexa, Computer, Amazon. However, it has only a female voice. You can make searches, and control music via a smart voice assistant.

If a user wants to set a reminder, watch the news, or see any spellings of the word, both of the gadgets will assist him equally. But, Google shares extra information for what the user searches for. which is the best Amazon Echo or Google Home when its come to voice control, I must say its Google Home

Alexa relies on Wikipedia whereas Google can be more informative. If the user wants to shop, then Alexa helps to get the product from Amazon.


The Best Gadget for Your Homewhich is the best amazon echo or google home

The cylindrical-shaped Amazon Echo is quite stylish. The wood cover and washable fabric can make it fit into any home style. The top of this gadget is accompanied by a volume ring. It is the point where Alexa is enabled. Further, the microphone and action buttons are also embedded here.

Talking about Google Home, it comes in changeable fabric, metal base, and white color. The metal bases are available in seven colors. The upper half lights up when this gadget is listening to its user. An advantage of this over the Echo is that it has a touch interface. A user can use for volume up and down, play/pause music, and enabling Google Assistant. However, on the back, there is a mute button.


WiFi Connectivity

In the testing phase, it was seen that the Echo’s connectivity is much better than Home’s. There are some locations, where Home was unreachable. You all know who’s the winner here! Alexa.



Google can book an uber for you or order food from your favorite restaurant. But Alexa does more than this. You can tune into your favorite radio stations, see the sports statistics and search about the local bus system schedule.


Earlier, Alexa was considered to be one of its kind. But soon, google leading over amazon with many advantages won the race. Google Home has too much to offer as compared to Alexa.


Final Verdict

Observing Amazon Echo and Google Home. I think if the cost is not the considering factor, my vote is for Google Home.
What will you vote for? Amazon Alexa or Google Home?


Frequently Asked Questions


Is Alexa better than Google home?

 It is difficult to select between these two. Alexa connects with several other devices as compared to Google home. If you are into AI, you can choose Google Home, as it has better experience in AI. Also, AI is the thing of the future. 

Can Amazon Alexa work with Google home?

Yes, it can work with Google Home. The streaming data is easily converted into the advised format.

Can Alexa make phone calls?

Yes, a user can make calls with Alexa. All you have to do is to set up Alexa to Alexa Calling, link your cell number with your account so that it appears to the person, whom you are calling via Amazon Echo.

Can Google home make phone calls?

It is possible to make calls with Google Home. Just ask Google to make a call to any of your Google contact. You can also speak the number you want to make a call.

Is there a monthly fee with Google home?

Google Home comes without any monthly subscription charges. You can enjoy the free version of TuneIn or Spotify. All you require is to have a Gmail account! That’s it. Set up Google Home on your smartphone so that it gets activated.

Can Google Home communicate Alexa?

Yes, Google Home can communicate with Alexa easily. 

What can Google home do that Alexa cant?

Alexa doesn’t have access to Google Play Music and YouTube Music. Using contextual awareness, Google can play similar genre music to which a user is currently listening too.

Is Google home always listening?

It can be said that Google Home is always listening. It is always storing streams of data so that it responds to its wake words.

Does Google Home Mini Work iPhone?

Google Home along with Google Home Mini smart speakers do work fine using an iPhone or even iPad, But you have to keep in mind that these speakers maybe not fully suitable for other Apple services (for example, iTunes and Apple Music).


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