WhatsApp Users Will Be Sued If Terms of Service Gets Violated

WhatsApp has decided to take actions against WhatsApp users who misuse their platform by spreading fake news and violate its terms of service. This news came out after, the Facebook-owned company WhatsApp faced criticism due to the misinformation users have been spreading.

The company has strictly mentioned that this social networking organization will sue any individual or any organization who are going to misuse this platform. This action will begin on 7th December 2019. WhatsApp claimed that the company is going to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to locate any malpractices.

WhatsApp has clearly mentioned that from the beginning of 7th of December 2019, they will start taking legal action against any group or individual who is engaged in activities which violate their terms of services.

They will sue anyone who is even assisting others in the abuse that violates terms and conditions of WhatsApp. These include automated or non-personal use and bulk messaging.

Artificial Intelligence will be used for identifying spam messages and other automated non-personal use.

Moreover, the company will issue a legal document against that individual or the organization for the abuse of their terms of services. WhatsApp has not mentioned the type of action that would be taken against the guilty party. However, they are planning to restrict bulk and automated messages.

The plan is to restrict the messages which people forward on WhatsApp to five individuals. This measure aims at reducing the spread of fake news.

New Features For WhatsApp Users

This company is also testing on two new features “Forwarding Info” and “Frequently Forwarded”. Forwarding Info will provide the users about the detail of messages which has been forwarded previously.

When this particular feature is enabled, it will be shown in the “message info” app section. Suppose, if you have forwarded the message for more than four times, that message will be highlighted as a “frequently forwarded” message.

Around 1.5 billion people are using WhatsApp and this legal action and new features will control the misuse of this app.

Recently, a statement has been released by the app in the FAQ section about taking legal action against those who abuse their terms of services.

WhatsApp users

WhatsApp has taken the issue of spam, fake messages and news seriously this time.

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