WhatsApp Status Will Soon Have Stories Ads in 2020

WhatsApp is one of the famous messaging and a third-party chatting platform since its arrival in 2009 with an Ad-free zoned experience. According to new updates, WhatsApp status will soon have ads all over the screen on stories to be used as a promotional platform too. Facebook is a giant social network who, owns WhatsApp has now decided to bring WhatsApp ads 2020 to this messaging App.

This big news was revealed in a Marketing Summit on Facebook that took place recently in Rotterdam. It was planned to include WhatsApp advertising in this application because of the increase engagement of the users on it. Most of the users are in contact with their family and friends through this App and it would be a great way to promote the products and services.

It has not decided yet that how these ads will be displayed on the WhatsApp status screen, but it is expected that they will be same like those attached to the Instagram stories.

This means that adverts will be placed in between the stories, we click. Hence, promotional ads will be in transition with the stories we switch from one user to another. According to reports, WhatsApp advertising will cover the whole screen just like Instagram’s promotional ads.

WhatsApp Status With WhatsApp Ads 2020

Have a look

In this photo you can see an arrow at the bottom of the WhatsApp. When we swipe up through this arrow, we will interact with the WhatsApp ad in a best possible way.

WhatsApp has incorporated an amazing update in 2007 just like Snapchat and Instagram stories, users are able to upload photos and videos. These stories disappear after 24 hours.

The announcement made by Facebook involved the implementation of this particular adverts mode. Moreover, it is still not confirmed that whether this update of ads will put promotions in the chats themselves or not.

However, some WhatsApp users are disappointed by this new announcement of WhatsApp Ads.

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