WhatsApp Needs to Be Updated Before It Gets Hacked

WhatsApp can easily get hacked with the help of an advanced spying software that can enter your phone through a single missed call and you need to update it. WhatsApp is a Facebook owned messaging app and they have recently revealed an important information relating to the “advanced cyber act”. The company said that only a few users will be affected by this “Spyware software” that will enter in their phone through a simple missed call.

This news has even been confirmed by the Financial Times and TechCrunch, that a spyware has recently attacked the WhatsApp users. The group behind this tactic is NSO Group from Israel who is using a software named “Pegasus”.

Apparently, this software is licensed by the government in order to gather information from the phones of the targets under investigation. NSO Group of Israel who holds this software sell valuable information to the government regarding the location and other data of that particular person through hacking their smartphones and in return activate their cameras and mics to send emails and texts to them.

Since last week, WhatsApp has been trying to fix this issue to get to know that how many people have suffered through this hack. However, the company made the statement that dozens of people have affected through this hack. WhatsApp further confirmed that government is working with the private company to infect the phones, but they have not unveiled the name of the organization.

There is certain amendments that have added into the WhatsApp features by engineers because the infected users may receive one or two unfamiliar calls and in this time their code may get shipped. However, the voice calls have been enhanced with some additional security by the team.

Hackers have mostly targeted the smartphone users through spying software who have been using Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Samsung’s Tizen.

How to Secure Your WhatsApp?

The spokesperson of WhatsApp emphasized to update the WhatsApp. You can secure your WhatsApp by updating it to the latest version available on the play store. Moreover, you have to update your mobile operating system (phone OS) to make it more secure against the latest threat of security to your information. WhatsApp also urge that the 1.5 billion users of this App to immediately update it in order to close the security loophole.

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