WhatsApp Chat Is Good For Health: Researchers Claim

WhatsApp chat has been considered good for health, according to the latest research as these social sites were considered toxic. A study has been conducted at the Edge Hill University in which it is revealed that interacting with your family and friends is psychologically healthy.

The name of the study is “Psychosocial Outcomes Associated with Engagement with Online Chat Systems” in which it is found that who spend more time on WhatsApp messaging their families and friends have a high level of self-esteem. They feel less lonely by connecting with their favorite people.

Dr Linda Kaye, who is a senior lecturer in psychology at Edge Hill University said that it is a huge debate that whether spending time on social media is bad for our well-being. And it is revealed that it might not be that bad.

If a person spends more time on social media platforms like WhatsApp with their loved ones, the more they will feel connected with good quality relationships.

Previous Researches:

According to the previous studies, use of social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat is not good for mental health.

During the old study at the University of Copenhagen, it was found by researchers that Facebook use is leading to the term “Facebook Envy”. In this study, it was found that people get jealous when they watch other people’s lifestyle which they post on social media.

In another study at the University of Pensylvania, researchers have found that there is a correlation between the social media platform excessive usage and high level of anxiety, depression and loneliness.

Melissa Hunt, a study author said that if someone spend less time on social media platforms, he or she will be less likely to be a victim of depression, anxiety and loneliness.

Latest Study on WhatsApp Usage:

However, in the latest study, research was made on 200 social media users. It was found that spending time on WhatsApp is good for health as group conversation and chats with individual provides a social support to them.

Dr Linda Kaye explained that social bonding is a big factor which describes you that how technology usage impacts the mental health of a person and their psychological well-being.

Hence, it is found that social platform like WhatsApp provides you an opportunity to connect with people and stimulate the existing relationships through effective communication in a positive way.


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