What is Ramazan: A Fun Guide for the Kids

What is Ramazan:

Ramazan the 9th month of the lunar calendar, it is the most celebrated month of the year for Muslims. The month of fasting is just around the corner and we are so excited about it. In Ramazan, we give charity and share our food and blessings. Also, we make Ramazan decorations, we recite the Quran and try to do as many good deeds as possible.

what is ramazan

How to make Ramazan relevant for kids:

As a parent, making Ramazan exciting and fun for our young kids could be a challenge especially in a non-muslim community. In a Muslim community, however, the collective celebration is always there. But how can we make Ramazan much more than just elaborate iftars, night-time cricket and shopping sprees for our kids?

Why should we make the effort?

It is important to teach kids the real meaning of Ramazan. these young Muslims of today are our responsibility, we need to pass on the love for Ramazan and the joy associated with it.

Here are some practical tips:

At our house, Ramazan is a family bonding time over deen. We pray together, we share our food and blessings with others and we make time for reciting the Quran and learning about deen.

So, here’s what I do,

Ramadan decoration:

Nothing, and I mean nothing gets you in the mood as decorations. We make a Ramadan Mubarak banner, add buntings and lights to it and voila, we have a simple decoration on.

what is ramazan, ramazan decoration

Here is a wonderful place for more Ramadan decoration ideas.

Time to connect and share:

Ramazan is a time to share our blessings, and what could be a better way to teach than letting kids share their stuff with unfortunate members of society. We, also, share sweets and after throughout the month with friends and family.

Explain fasting:

For children fasting is really intriguing, why would somebody not eat for a whole day even when they are hungry. Ramazan is the best time to teach kids the logic behind fasting and the fasting rules by letting them experience short fasts or half day fast.

We fill in our Ramadan journal together:

I print some online age appropriate journals for my kids, and we fill in it as we go through Ramazan. Also, we treat our kids with candy on meeting their goals for the day in this mubarik month.

We read together:

We read Islamic stories and poems together. One story every day and then we discuss the morals of the story.

Flaming the love for the Quran:

Ramazan is all about the Quran. The Holy book was revealed in this special month, therefore, to spark interest in my kids we recite Quran with translation and read quranic stories together.

ramazan decoration

Pray together:

In Ramazan we make sure to pray together, we make it a competition who does the wudu first and is on the prayer mat the earliest.

We dress up nice:

Another tradition at our house is we dress up for Ramadan. to keep the celebratory feeling alive. Especially on Fridays children can wear their best clothes if they want.

We craft:

That’s mostly because I don’t want to run after them while fasting. Crafting doesn’t only add to the Ramazan decorations, it flames their creative spark and we end up making cards for eid.

what is ramazan

Final words:

These beautiful Ramazan decoration arrangements for our kids is a method to make them understand what this Holy month is all about. We should pray that “May Allah help us make the most of Ramazan, and make us and our kids understand the purpose of fasting and the goal of this month.” May Allah accept our efforts for trying to pass on the spirit of this Holy month to our kids.


Maryam Kishwer

Maryam is a creative person at heart, Jack of all trades and master of none, but she prefers it that way. Mom to two amazing boys, a wanderers soul, dreamy-eyed painter, an early morning Yogi, and a writer.

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