Sharp pain on the right side, under the rib. And all cells of your being, scream, “I am dying”! Just because you have google on your fingertips, it doesn’t mean you are capable of self-diagnosis. Sharp pain, on the right side under your rib cage, could have various different reasons. From something as simple as intercostal pain caused by sleeping wrong to something as serious as bone cancer. Your rib cage contains intercostal muscles, sometimes when you sit in a wrong posture for a long time they start to hurt. Exercising hard or twisting your body forcefully can also intercostal muscle strain.


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How to Diagnose the Reason for Rib Pain, Right Side

The diagnosis depends on the severity of the pain. If the pain is constant or if it is intermittent. And if it increases with movements. If you started having pain after undergoing an injury the doctor will get an X-ray done.

If the X-ray shows bone fracture or any abnormal growth, the doctor will suggest treatment accordingly. And if the pain is chronic the doctor will ask for a bone scan to determine what is causing it. It could be any bone degenerating disease like arthritis and it could also mean bone cancer.

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What could be the Reason for Sharp Pain under Rib?

There are many reasons for rib cage pain or the pain under the rib on the right side of your body. A pulled muscle, bruised ribs, bone diseases like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation of lungs, broken rib, chest injury, intercostal muscle strain, or it might be indicating a liver problem. Therefore, it is best to consult a physician and get a proper diagnosis.

Rib injury

If the pain started after an injury, it may mean you have bruised a rib or two. If the pain is severe and increases when you breathe or cough. And it is accompanied by swelling it could also mean a fracture.  In the latter case, you should rush to the medical facility.

Liver problems

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The liver is on the right side of the body under the rib cage. The pain under rib can be caused by some Liver issues. But if it is a liver issue you might encounter other problems or diseases too. Like jaundice, itchy skin, abdominal swelling, swelling in the ankles, dark colored urine, pale or dark-colored stool, nausea, vomiting, and chronic fatigue.

If this is the case, add liver-friendly foods and drinks in your lifestyle and obviously get an appointment.

Gallbladder issues

Gallstone is located under the liver on the right side of your body, this little organ can cause a lot of pain if it gets inflamed. The reason for your pain could be that there are gallstones blocking the duct. Or the reason could be biliary colic. In the second case, you may have episodes of pain or it may last for hours. The pain could be so intense you may feel it radiating to your shoulder blade. Plus you will feel nauseous and your abdomen will feel tender for a day or two.

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What is an Intercostal-Muscle Strain?

Your intercostal muscles lie between your ribs, then attaching them into an another. They help stabilize your chest muscles and also allow you to breathe. A strain is every time a muscle moves, pulls or can be partially torn. A strain in those layers of these intercostal muscles could lead to pain and difficulty in breathing.


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Gas problems

Gas can cause terrible pain, Our large intestine bends at two points under the rib cage. The left one is called splenic flexure and the right bend called the hepatic flexure. When gas accumulates in any of these bends in the intestine, it causes pain. The hepatic flexure syndrome or the pain at the right side of the body, under the rib cage, is often mistaken as pain caused by the gallstone.

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How to Cure Rib Cage Pain

The first step to curing sharp pain under the rib cage is to identify the cause, only then you will be able to treat the problem. If a bruised rib is causing pain using a cold compress or a wrap can help with the pain.

However, it is totally possible to cure the pain by just switching to a medicated mattress, or avoiding a particular exercise. Even eating more fiber and avoiding foods that cause gas can reduce your discomfort permanently.

In some cases you may need proper medical treatment, there is nothing better than getting diagnosed early and treating the illness to get a permanent cure.

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How to Prevent Rib Cage Pain?

To prevent rib cage pain, you should always stretch before exercising or playing. Eat gut-friendly food, drink loads of water and avoid junk. Also, it is a good idea to go for a natural liver cleanse every now and then.

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Final words

No matter what you do, do not try to become a doctor just by reading some articles on google. You might injure yourself or cause some serious harm by trying to treat yourself without a proper diagnosis. Also, do not take pains and aches lightly. Over the counter medicine will help you with the pain but they cannot treat the underlying cause. Sharp pain under ribs could mean something as serious as bone cancer. Therefore, it is best to consult a doctor even if it turns out to be an intercostal muscle strain.

Do comment and let us know what is your take on self-medication? And if we were able to answer your queries regarding rib pain on the right side of your body.

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