What Are The Best Hajj Packages From The USA 2020?

Well, performing Hajj is the religious duty of every Muslim with enough resources. Generally, the condition of Hajj is applied to the people with Nisab, which means having enough material wealth for paying Zakat. If you are here, then you must be searching for the best Hajj packages from USA 2020,  Hajj packages from USA 2020, cheap Hajj packages from the USA, cheap Hajj packages from USA 2020, and economy Hajj package. So stay tuned, you will be informed in this article.

Hajj Packages 2020

Saudi Arabia is your destination if you want to perform the Hajj, and you have to use the services of a travel agency for Hajj. The USA does not have an official program for Hajj. Every Saudi Arabi travel agency has Hajj 2020 packages. There is a little difference in the price of packages, but all the travel agencies are offering the same facilities and charges.

Here are the different Packages to perform Manasik of Hajj.

Economy package

The Economy Hajj package is for a single person, and its price is 6000 dollars. Travel dates start from 1 August, and the return is on 18 August. The person will stay in Makkah from 2 August to 9 August. Accommodation will be in an apartment building in Makkah, which is within walking distance from Haram. Four persons will be in one room, and an open buffet will be served in breakfast and dinner.

From 9 August to 13 August Hajj Manasik will be observed in a North American tent. The person will have full access to his room. Breakfast, dinner, and lunch will be served.

From 15 August to 18 August, the person will travel to Madina and will be accommodated in hotel rooms based on quad occupancy.

The religious scholar will be available for guidance. The full medical facility will be available. Traveling will be done in AC buses.

Silver Makkah package

The price of this package is variable, which is $6800 for four persons in a room, $7400 for three persons in a room, and $8000 for two persons in a room. The stay will be in a five-star hotel. Hajjis will visit Makkah, and air-conditioned tents will be provided in Arafat. Hajjis will stay in Makkah from 2 August to 13 August. Then there will be a Madina tour. The stay in Madina will be in the five-star Hotel. Open lunch, dinner, and breakfast will be served.

All religious guidance and medical assistance will be provided.

Silver Madina package

This package is the same as the silver Makkah package, but there is a difference. Hajjis will travel to Madina first and come to Makkah on 6 August. Then they will perform the Manasiks of Hajj. This package starts from $7500 and goes up to $9000 based on room occupancy. Five-star accommodation, separate air-conditioned tent, walking distance from Haram, religious guidance, and medical assistance are the features of this package.

Couple delight package

This package is only for couples. It costs $9200 per person. The stay will be in a five-star hotel and walking distance from the Haram. Open dinner, lunch, and breakfast will be served. There will be air-conditioned tents in the Arafat. A religious scholar will lead the prayers. Couples will have an entire room for themselves during the Hajj. The travel from Makkah to Madina will be on AC buses. This package includes a visit to other Holy places in Makkah and Madina. Complete medical assistance will be provided. There will be three days’ stay in  Madina in a five-star hotel. A complimentary Hajj kit will be provided. Hajjis will be provided with the educational material in Urdu, English, and Arabic.

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