Weirdest and Dumb Laws Around The World-2020

To ensure the betterment of society and protect the people living in it, Lawmakers enforce certain rules. These laws or rules vary from place to place. You can find normal and strange laws in the world, sensible and silly rules in the world, and even serious and funny laws around the world. In short, different parts of the world take different measures to bind people together. Although countless such regulations exist, we will be listing down and discussing 14 of the weirdest laws in the world here.

Weirdest and Dumb Laws Around The World


 It is Illegal for a Chicken to Cross the Road in Georgia

chicken cross the road, funny rules around the world

Let’s be fair, many of us have seen different animals crossing the road. Cats, Dogs, and Chickens are some of the common examples. However, in the city of Quitman (state: Georgia), it is illegal for Chickens to do that. The exact reason behind or the circumstances that led to this law’s implementation is unknown. However, you will be surprised to know that it has been in effect since 1928. The mystery surrounding it makes it one of the most strange laws in the world.


It is Illegal to Drive Dirty Cars in Russia

Dirty Cars, silly rules in the world

This law raised a number of eyebrows. After all, keeping a car clean is the responsibility and choice of its owner. So why does a state need to interfere? Well, it turns out that the law description was completely exaggerated once it hit the web. There isn’t any rule in the country which prevents people from driving dirty cars. The law simply states that it is an offense to drive a car that has a dirty number plate. The plate should be readable and dirt shouldn’t be constantly dripping down on the road. Doesn’t fit into the category of funny laws around the world now, does it?


In Venice, it is Illegal to Feed the Pigeons

Illegal to feed, strange laws in the world

There are many weird laws around the world. However, this one makes the most sense out of all. Not too long ago, people who visited Saint Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy handed out food to the pigeons descending from the sky. This required extensive cleaning of the place. Due to this, a law was implemented in 2008. According to it, anybody who gets caught feeding the pigeons would be fined up to 700 Euros. Although it makes the list of the weirdest laws in the world, the reason behind its implementation is quite understandable.


It is Illegal in Acropolis to Don High Heels

high heels

On coming across this rule, people might think that it exists to ensure that people don’t hurt themselves. However, this law was passed in 2009 so that visitors couldn’t damage the ruins at the Acropolis with their sharp shoes. The ruins in the citadel in question have been around for nearly 2500 years, so Greece’s decision to protect them is quite understandable. Still, it can’t be argued that Europe is home to some of the silliest rules in the world.


It is Illegal to Sport a Winnie the Pooh T-Shirt in Poland

winnie the pooh

In the list of funny laws around the world, this one should be on the top. Poland banned people from wearing such shirts near schools and playgrounds. The reason behind its implementation was that the specific cartoon character doesn’t wear any pants. Therefore, the country deemed it unsafe for the children.


People cannot Deny Strangers from using their Toilets in Scotland

knocks on your door, weird laws around the world

Our adults usually teach us about never letting any strangers in the house. However, Scotland’s strong sense of hospitality says otherwise. It is said that a law was passed several years ago, according to which, you are bound to comply if a stranger knocks on your door in order to use the toilet. Interestingly, the Scottish Law Commission debunked the claim and said that it is more of a tradition and gesture of goodwill followed by the country’s citizens. This one surely takes the cake when it comes to the silliest rules in the world.


It is Illegal to be Fat in Japan

men and 90 cm, weirdest laws in the world

Obesity can adversely affect a person’s health. While many countries simply encourage people to stay fit and healthy, Japan took an additional step to ensure the safety of its citizens. In what can be referred to as one of the most strange laws in the world, Japan doesn’t allow a person to become obese. The country set a maximum waistline limit. It is 85 cm for men and 90 cm for women.


Citizens of Switzerland Can’t Flush the Toilet after 10 PM

toilet after 10 PM, silly rules in the world

It is more or less an urban myth. However, many landlords in the country enforce this law for their tenants. As the description suggests, this rule requires people to make sure that they have flushed the toilet before 10 PM. After the hour hand strikes 10 on the clock at night, people (who need to abide by this law) should wait until the morning before they can pull the lever (or push the button). This is probably one of the weirdest laws in the world.


Playing Musical Instruments at night is Against the Law in Germany

noise pollution, strange laws in the world

Everyone should be respectful to their neighbors. Germany puts some extra emphasis on this gesture and has a relevant law in place. According to it, people can only play their musical instruments from 8 AM to 12 PM and then from 2 PM to 8 PM. Between 8 PM and 8 AM, it is important to realize that the people next door or upstairs/downstairs could be taking a rest. Although this law doesn’t contribute much in controlling the noise pollution, it justifies the reason behind its enforcement. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that it is one of the many strange laws in the world.


It is Illegal in Singapore to Chew Gum

chewing gum

Among the silliest rules in the world, this one has topped the list. In 1992, the country imposed a ban on the use of gums. By that time, cleaning of the gum liter had become quite expensive. Additionally, some people were using chewing gums to cause a disorder in the country’s transit system. People from around the world have mostly heard about Singapore for its tidiness. Therefore, the country had to issue a nationwide ban on chewing gums. People are still allowed to use gums for medical reasons though.


Pee in Ocean is illegal in Portugal

strange laws in the world

It is another strange law that Portugal has taken the “don’t pee in the pool” rule to a completely another level. They have a rule that no one can pee in the ocean. It’s illegal there.

It is quite hilarious to think that yet anyone gets caught for it or not. However, it’s recommended to hold it or find an actual washroom being Portugal and nature calls you.


Taking Selfies With Buddha in Sri Lanka is illegal

silly rules in the world


Another of the strange laws in the world include that you cannot take a selfie with Buddha. It is illegal because you turn back on him. This indicates disrespectful and the person doing this will get punished in Sri Lanka. Taking photos with such statues is completely banned there.

For such an act most of the people got imprisoned in Sri Lanka. While touring there, keep this in mind to not decorate your Instagram profile with a selfie with Buddha. This seems to be one other silly rules in the world.


Wearing Mask in Public is Not Legal in Denmark

silly rules in the world , dumb laws


It is one of the weirdest laws in the world that the Danish government does not allow its people to cover their faces in public places. No one can even wear face masks there. Face covering includes all the things, like masks, scarves, hats, helmets, fake beards, and even burkas.

This controversial ban came into existence in August 2018. Covering face became illegal because they claim that becomes easy and proper to recognize people in crowded placed. Yes, this is one of the funny laws around the world.


Victoria Doesn’t Allow Kite Flying

silly rules in the world

It is not legal to fly kite in Australia’s southeastern part of Victoria. If it’s bothering someone so the certain person cannot fly kite. How can it even bother someone?

Anyways, it is also not legal to play any game in public places if that also annoys someone.

Such funny laws around the world make things suspicious to believe. silly rules in the world are not known but in all certain countries, it gets abide properly.

These were some of the silliest laws from all around the world. Acts like not allowing the toilet after 10 pm, clothes with a teddy bear, all seems quite silly and funny. These weird laws or dumb laws in the world seem hilarious to us but in reality, they are serious crimes to those countries. Apart from this, there are a huge number of strange laws in the world.

Are you aware of any other funny laws around the world? If yes, do enlighten us about those!

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