We all know that each of the country is different from another. Similarly, the laws of every country are also different. Sometimes country’s strange laws in the world limit on entirely hilarious and other times they focus on completely important cultural values. There are a big number of funny laws around the world. These silly rules in the world seems quite hilarious to the one who have no idea about it. The weirdest laws in the world seem to be completely unessential even times.

Today in this article, I have listed down some weird laws around the world that you may not believe.

So let’s begin;

strange laws in the world

  1. Chewing Gum in Singapore is Illegal:

At times, we all have to suffer only because of one fool who breaks the rule. After the vandals who used chewing gum to clutter up with the Mass Rapid Transit system and after this the housing and development board invest $150,000 in a year to clean up that whole gum grime. Due to this, Singapore banned all sort of gum sorts in the year 1992. It is one of the silly rules in the world.

weirdest laws in the world

  1. Feeding Pigeons in Venice is Illegal:

Another one of the strange laws in the world is illegal to feed pigeons in Venice. Thousand of pigeons falling upon the Venice and Saint Mark’s square, tempted by the tourists and people to feed them food for worthy photos. But the lawmakers of Venice made it illegal to feed them in the year 2008.

They claim that cleanup of bird’s price range for each citizen could be £275 in one year. Due to this, feeding pigeons will make you face fine for almost £700. Its better take get images with Venice bridges rather than feeding pigeons. This of the all silly rules in the world seems difficult to understand.

weird laws around the world

  1. Wearing High Heels to the Acropolis is Not Legal:

This is another one of the funny laws around the world. While touring Greece, assure that you have a right pair of shoes. It is banned in Greece to wear high heels at the Acropolis.

I have no idea that why anybody would hike around their ruins and ruin their heels. But Greek banned it for protecting their ancient ruins that can get damaged from sharp shoes.

silly rules in the world

  1. You Should Not Wear Winnie the Pooh T-Shirt in Poland:

Another of the weirdest laws in the world is that, the cute teddy bear Winnie the Pooh T-shirts are not legal to wear in Poland. Poland has issued a ban on Winnie the Pooh surrounding play grounds and schools for finding the A.A. Milne character that’s naughty for the kids.

strange laws in the world

  1. Pee in Ocean is Illegal in Portugal:

It is another strange laws that Portugal has taken the “don’t pee in the pool” rule to a complete another level. They have a rule that no one can pee in the ocean. It’s illegal there.

It is quite hilarious to think that yet anyone get caught for it or not. However, it’s recommended to hold it or find an actual washroom being a Portugal and nature calls you.

weirdest laws in the world

  1. Chicken Can’t Crossed the Road in Georgia:

Another funny laws around the world is that Georgia the state is not willing to listen the fact that why chickens crossed the road. Even if you ever allow your chickens cross the road in Quitman, Georgia then you will get into any legal jeopardy. All you need is to have a complete control over your chickens.

weird laws around the world

  1. You Cannot Drive a Dirty Car in Russia:

it is one of the silly rules in the world that driving dirty cars in Russia will fine you. This law came into existence in the year 2006. it is quite silly. no one wants to make their car dirty.

silly rules in the world

  1. Being Fat in Japan is Illegal:

Another weird laws around the world includes that the country gives us Sumo Wrestling not allows you to be fat at all. If you have a little thick waist you can get into legal trouble. Whenever your doctor measure your waist and you do not comes under legal limits for men whose waistline is not measuring of 90 cm will get reported to government. The government will ask them to re-educate themselves. Isn’t it quite silly and strange? Of course it is!

silly rules in the world

  1. Taking Selfies With Buddha in Sri Lanka is Illegal:

Another of the strange laws in the world include that you cannot take selfie with Buddha. It is illegal because you turn back on him. This indicates disrespectful and the person doing this will get punished in Sri Lanka. Taking photos with such statues is completely banned there.

For such act most of the people got imprisoned in Sri Lanka. While touring there, keep this in mind to not decorate your Instagram profile with selfie with Buddha. This seems to be one other silly rules in the world.

silly rules in the world

  1. Wearing Mask in Public is Not Legal in Denmark:

It is one of the weirdest laws in the world that Danish government does not allow their people to cover their face in public places. No one can even wear face masks there. Face covering includes all the things, like masks, scarves, hats, helmets, fake beards, and even burkas.

This controversial ban came into existence in August 2018. Covering face became illegal because they claim that becomes easy and proper to recognize people in crowded placed. Yes, this is one of the funny laws around the world.

silly rules in the world

  1. Victoria Doesn’t Allows Kite Flying:

It is not legal to fly kite in Australia’s southeastern part of Victoria. If it’s bothering someone so the certain person cannot fly kite. How can it even bother someone?

Anyways, it is also not legal to play any game in public place if that also annoys someone.

Such funny laws around the world makes things suspicious to believe. silly rules in the world are not known but in all certain countries it get abide properly.

Final Words:

These were some of the most silly laws from all around the world. Acts like not allowing toilet after 10pm, clothes with teddy bear, all seems quite silly and funny. These weird laws in the world seems hilarious to us but in reality they are serious crime to those countries. Apart from these, there are huge number of strange laws in the world.


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