Eric Murphy Dating Jasmin Lawrence

In the coming, Jasmin Lawrence and Eric Murphy, the offspring of Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy, are likely to wed.

The Bride's Father-to-be told Jimmy Kimmel that he already has a plan in place in case his daughter marries Eddie's son.

According to Jimmy Kimmel Live, "I'm going to attempt to get Eddie to cover it," he remarked on June 17's edition of the talk show.

At the outset of the conversation, Jimmy inquired as to whether Jasmin and Eric may be expecting "some sort of comic super-baby."

In response, Martin, who had worked with Murphy on the film 'Boomerang', said, "We mostly stay out of their affairs, allowing them to go on as they see fit.

The love tale of Eric Murphy and Jasmin Lawrence

In June of 2021, Eric shared a photo of himself with Jasmin, confessing their love.

 In the description of the photo, he wrote, "Head over heels in LOVE with YOU."

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