Best Free plant identifier App


Have you ever used a free plant identifier app to identify plants before?

If you’re ever unclear about the tree species in your yard or garden, there are several free plant identifier apps available that can help

Tree identification apps use photos or sketches. They may be beneficial if you don't have time to look at a tree.

Trees can be identified by examining their leaves, bark, general crown appearance, blooms, fruits if they have any, and other distinctive features.

An app that can help you identify plants quickly and easily if you are a gardener, biologist, survivalist, or prepper is handy.

Because there are tens of thousands of distinct tree species in the wild, it’s nearly difficult to memorize the properties of each one.

Because of this, having an app installed on your phone is the most convenient and time-saving method for determining the type of shrub you’re looking at.

Several apps can help you identify rare, exotic, decorative, culinary, medicinal, and common plants.

Best Free plant identifier App

Finding the right plant can be difficult, but with the ease with technology, it just got a little easier. 

Which app identifies plants best? These free plant-identifying applications are the finest we've tested.

PlantNet Plant Identification

PlantNet is a free plant identifier app that helps you identify plants by leaf, flower, and fruit. The app also includes trees, grasses, and ferns. 


iNaturalist is a free app that identifies plants by species and physical traits. You may share plant photographs and insights with other iNaturalist members.

LeafSnap Plant Identification

Using this software, you may snap a picture of a specific part of a tree and then choose which part of the tree shows in the picture.

Flora Incognita

With Flora Incognita, you’ll be able to quickly and reliably identify the plants native to Central Europe by utilizing just photographs captured with your cell phone.

NatureID- Plant Identification

NatureID can diagnose plant problems from a picture and provide advise on how to cure them.

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