Vlogger Ukhano is Accused of Sexual Harassment

Popular YouTuber, Vlogger, and Social media Influencer “Umer khan” famous by the name of Ukhano is under attack from multiple women. He was accused of sexual harassment, indecency, and inappropriate behaviour. Several women came forward with allegations and digital proofs. In his defence, he responded with a video. Moreover, popular social media influencers came forward in support of Umer khan.

How and when all this started?

Earlier this week, a social media campaign (mostly on Twitter) was started by some women. It was Tuesday when one woman accused Umer khan of inappropriate behaviour. She backed her claim by some screenshots of conversations with Umer khan. The discussion was not themed sexual, but there was a demand for “Bold Pictures” by Umer Khan.

After that, multiple women also came forward and confirmed the behaviour of Umer khan. But other women could not back their allegations with some solid proof.

The content of allegations was the demand for “Bold Self Shots” by Umer khan, use of sexual language, and unsolicited indecent pictures by the celebrity.

The allegations went on the way to call Umer khan a cruel character person and accused him of sexual harassment. Moreover, the social media campaign was clearly for the defamation of Vlogger heartthrob.

The response of the Accused Social Media Influencer

The risky defaming boy told his side of the story through a video. He denied the allegations. And recounted that he has worked with several women throughout his career and treated them decently. The video was a minute long, and he said that all allegations are false. He also asked people to listen to his story without bias before making any judgement. He also said that he has never made any woman feel uncomfortable.

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Social media Influencers are supporting Ukhano

Popular Polish Vlogger Eva Zu Beck supported the youtube personality and shared the work experience with him, by calling him a decent and well-mannered guy.

Fellow Vlogger Mooroo -also known as Taimoor Salahuddin tweeted and came forward in full support of him and said: “we need to weigh the facts and conclude”.

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