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Video Editing App for the YouTubers, Adobe’s Premiere Rush CC which was first provided on Desktop and IOS, is now available on Android. This Premier Rush CC is a simplified version of Premier Pro CC and it has aimed at the You Tubers and other creators. This video editing app has little specification of the Premier Pro version like Audition and After Effects. It is a powerful creation of Adobe’s Cloud software to be used in the mobile. Premiere rush tutorial is available online, from beginner to Advanced level as these tutorials provides tips, techniques and new features.

The amazing feature of this video-editing app is motion graphic templates from Adobe Stock to help with the smooth transitions. Another feature is Auto-ducking, which helps the audio to synchronize with the music in the background. It has the colour correction and resizing option too.

When you are done editing your video, you can upload it on any social media platform after finishing. Adobe said that this Premier Rush CC is specifically launched for the You Tubers and other online video creators. Moreover, it is designed in a way that you can export the videos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube in one go through Premier Rush. You do not have to individually post your video on each social platform. This video-editing app is synchronized with the Cloud and you can start your project again from where you left off in another device.

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Adobe Premier Rush CC, a video editing app will be available in the latest Android devices. These include Google Pixel 2 and 3, Samsung Galaxy S9 and S10, Samsung Note 8 and 9 and OnePlus 6T.

Premiere rush tutorial is widely available on YouTube and on Udemy, you can download and can learn the art .

You can use Adobe Premiere Rush Android for free which will allow you to transfer 2GB cloud storage as a starter plan. After this you will be asked to pay a subscription on Adobe Creative Cloud. If you want 100GB cloud storage, you will be charged with $10/month as an individual plan. However, it is $20/month and $30/month for the team and enterprise plan.

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