Veena Malik Slammed Political Personalities on Twitter

Veena Malik the bold actress has slammed many political personalities especially the leaders of PML-N on Twitter and this has not ended here. Maryum Nawaz, the daughter of Nawaz Sharif has blocked Veena Malik too on Twitter and the bold actress did not hesitate to comment on this. Looks like this bold actress is on a mission with her sarcastic tweets towards PPP’s Bilawal Bhutto and PML-N’s The Sharif Family (Not so Sharif).

We all know about Veena Malik’s controversial past and scandals. And according to her, she is back on track as she belonged to an Army background.

Well, some people are of the opinion that being a celebrity they have a right to comment on any kind of the current situation nationally and internationally. The reason is that they have power, freedom of speech and an ability to strongly impact the minds of the reader.

However, others think that being an actress, Veena Malik has nothing to do with politics and she has no right to comment on any of such issue. But we all know this blunt queen who does not care about criticism as this point of life.

She is continuously tweeting on the recent capture of famous politicians by calling them bad boys. And we couldn’t agree more with her.

Maryum Nawaz and her family have become her centre of attention after Veena Malik was criticized for commenting on politics in her tweets.

Veena Malik is Trolling her by Calling Maryum “Naani”

She has a message for Bilawal Bhutto Zardari too!!

The Bold actress also mocked “Saleem Safi” on his confused remarks against Prime Minister Imran Khan address to the nation.

Veena Malik is stuck in Fight with Naani…

Blunt celebrity is also thankful to Prime Minister Imran Khan to make it possible. 

People are wondering that her twitter trolling has pissed all the Noonis and they are trying hard to get this blunt woman off their timelines.

One Woman Army…Pretty Amazing. Isn’t it??

She is also thankful for all the support she get from her fans too.

And here comes the best tweet for Asif Ali Zardari!

She totally Nailed it with this one Though!


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