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Let’s talk about the king of all vegetables. Potatoes are the most versatile vegetables of all time. No dish can ever go wrong with potatoes in it. There are umpteen uses of potatoes, from cooking to skin care. The king of vegetables is the most liked vegetables in every part of the world. Moreover, there are many unusual facts about potatoes, which you might not be aware of. This article will list down the unusual facts about potatoes and uses of sweet potato. Furthermore, there are certain products made from potatoes which you might not be aware of. Especially a great addition to your fuel providing diet. Continue reading and find out more interesting facts about potatoes as well as tips on what to do with old potatoes. 

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Uses Of Potato:

• The most versatile vegetables in the market. It is either consumed by baking, boiling or frying. They are a part of various dishes and always add that extra charm to every dish. 

• Also, potatoes are known for their ability to lower blood pressure. This is due to the rich amount of magnesium in them.

• Potatoes are good for your heart. They are rich in fiber and help regulate excess blood cholesterol.

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• Potato flour made with dehydrated potatoes is used as a thickener in soups and gravy. Moreover, this flour is also used in the cake batter and dough as a binding agent.

• Out of the many uses of potato this one is quite interesting. Potato starch is also used as an adhesive in the paper industry. 

• Using a mixture of crushed cucumber and products made from the potato on your face. Moreover, it can help hydrate and heal your skin

• Especially great at healing when it comes to burns, itchy or rash skin. Take a piece of potato and apply it to the affected area. 

unusual facts about potatoes, skincare, glowing skin, dark skin

• Moeller’s disease or scurvy is a disease is due to the lack of vitamin C. Therefore, the high vitamin content can help heal and recover from scurvy.

• Their juice mixed with Aloe Vera and honey is good for hair health. If you make this mixture and apply it to your hair it can prevent hair loss. 

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Unusual Facts About Potatoes:

  1. The composition of a potato is 80% water and 20% solids.
  2. Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada, a Spaniard, is the one to introduce the potatoes to Europe in 1536.
  3. China is the world’s largest potato producing country.
  4. In 1795 the world’s largest potato was found in England. Besides, the weight being 18 pounds and 4 ounces.
  5. They are a good source of Vitamin C and B6, potassium, fiber, magnesium and many antioxidants. Also, they are comparatively more energy packed than any other vegetable.
  6. Moreover, these are the easiest vegetables to grow. Since they do not require massive amounts of fertilizers. This makes them environment friendly vegetables.

chips, french fries, cheese7. One of the interesting uses of potato is in the brewing process of alcoholic beverages.
8. Per year an average American consumes 140 pounds of potatoes.
9. According to a study, they can help alleviate the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Especially in the production of serotonin, which is a hormone that helps release stress. This is because carbohydrates in them can help increase tryptophan. Tryptophan will trigger increased serotonin production.
10. You must use them to prevent or treat premature graying hair. All you need to do is make a hair tonic out of their juice. Here’s how to make the juice. Take your peels and boil them in water. Strain this mixture and separate the juice. Use it as a tonic after you shampoo your hair.

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Products Made From Potatoes: 

• One of the surprising uses of sweet potatoes is that they can help generate electricity. If you remember your Chemistry lecture on the process of electricity generation. Unquestionably, you’ll also remember what products will be used. Therefore, to generate electricity we must have two electrodes and an electrolyte. However, potatoes are 80% water. So the liquid in them can actually help in the production of electricity. If you have two electrodes you can use their juice as an electrolyte. 

• They can be a great rust remover. They contain oxalic acid, this component is present in many household cleaning products made from potatoes. The oxalic acid in them will help remove the rust on your kitchen knife.


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Uses Of Sweet Potatoes:

One of the most common uses of sweet potatoes is that they are a part of weight loss diet. They are rich in fiber and promote a healthier gut. Sometimes weight loss doesn’t occur due to slow metabolism. A healthy gut and fast metabolism will promote weight loss. 

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Purple Sweet yams contain anthocyanin which is an antioxidant that is extremely beneficial for your eye health.

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What To Do With Old Potatoes:

Are you wondering what to do with old potatoes? You don’t want fries, however, you don’t plan on throwing them away either. So take out your sprouted yams and try one of the recipes listed below.

jacket potato, cheese, Parmesan, baked beansClassic Jacket Topped With Cheese:

Place them in an oven tray. Put some olive oil over them and bake them. Take them out and cut them open in the shape of a cross sign. Now open the skin and place some cheese and baked beans into the opening. Again, place in the oven for a while. Take the tray out, dish it into a beautiful plate and enjoy. Doesn’t matter if they’re sprouted, they will still taste delicious. 

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Garlic Roasted Wedges:

Especially when you’re wondering about the uses of potato, this will save you. Cut them into pieces of your preferred size. Top them up with salt, pepper, cheese and garlic. Toss them into the oven and once cooked dish them out and enjoy. 

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Cheesy And Mashed:

Boil them until they’re soft. You can also use yams for this recipe. Now mash them smoothly. Add cream cheese and some parmesan cheese. Toss into the oven for a while so the cheese melts. Enjoy this mouth-watering treat with bread.

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Although fried foods might not be the best or most suitable for your health. Simply cooking, baking or boiling them and incorporating them into your diet will benefit your health. The king of vegetables has many health benefits due to their energy and nutrient rich nature. It’s about time to bust your bubble. Especially to let you know that the myth about products made from potatoes, making you fat is wrong. There are many unusual facts about potatoes and you must try out the above listed recipes.

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