Umpire Kumar Dharmasena Said Extra Run To England An Error

Umpire which gave six runs to England in the last over has admitted that it was an error and he should have given them one less run. New Zealand was near to grab their cup of trophy for ICC World Cup 2019 and one decision by Umpire, Kumar Dharmasena totally turned the table and changed the game.

Kumar Dharmasena, the Sri Lankan umpire was the one who awarded six runs to England, when Ben Stokes completed the second run in the last over of the game.

The extra run awarded to the England by this umpire leads the match to a tie with 241 runs for both teams.

This extra run leads to the intense Super Over between the England and New Zealand which ended up to the draw, another tie. Finally England won the World Cup 2019 on the basis of the highest boundaries during the course of the match. The final result came out based on the Super over, where Ben Stokes hit major boundaries.

There are many critics who admitted that an extra run was awarded to England. Former ICC umpire Simon Taufel also agreed that when batsmen crossed each other in order to reach to the field.

The umpire Dharmasensa is of opinion that he did not have the replays as he was in the ground while making a decision to award England by six runs.

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He said that after watching replays for several times, he admitted that it was an error.

Kumar Dharmasena, the Sri Lankan umpire said that he gets agreed that it was an error of judgement, but he was not available with the facility of TV replays in the ground. Due to the lack of the luxury of TV replays while making a decision, so he does not regret it now.

Moreover, Kumar also added that he consulted the leg umpire (Erasmus) through a communication system. So, when he was asking for confirmation, all the other umpire and match referee heard it as well. They were unable to check the TV replays and confirmed that the batsman completed his second run. And that is the time when he made the decision.

The captain of England, Eoin Morgan also gets agreed on the point that the lack of boundaries and hard luck of New Zealand awarded ICC World Cup Trophy to England.

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