UK Advertising Rules: With 30K Followers ,You Are a Celebrity

Under UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), if you have 30,000 followers then you are no less than a celebrity as this has a applied the same rule to you just like any other celebrity. With 30k followers, the same advertising rules are applicable to you in case of product endorsement like David Beckham, Stephen Fry or any other celebrity.

“ThisMamaLife” a Blogger/Vlogger with 30,000 plus followers on Instagram

This rule came into light when a blogger named Sarah with an Instagram page “ThisMamaLife” has posted an ad on its page of “Phenergan Night Time sleeping tablets”. She has 37.8k followers on Instagram and this makes her the celebrity. She has mentioned in the description that this is an ad.

However, under Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the endorsement of the drugs is banned in the UK as A Person is a celebrity with 30K followers.

ThisMamaLife said that she has less number of followers in comparison to other celebrity. Moreover, she argued that the drug selling company has paid her for the ad. However, ASA insisted that same rules will be applied to anyone with 30K followers or 30M followers and they will be treated with the same rules like any other celebrity.

Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) Rules of 30K Followers

Under the ASA rules, a person with 30,000 followers or more have the attention of a significant number of people. As this makes anybody more popular and grabbing the attention of a large audience. In short way, she is an influencer and number of people have eyes on them.

This makes this blogger “thismamalife” a celebrity and she comes under the Cap Code of UK-rule book for non-broadcasting advertising.

In the U.S, the rules are not that much strict like the UK. Celebrities and anyone with more than 30K followers are allowed to endorse the drugs there.

Federal Trade Commission of UK has stated that anyone even he or she is a celebrity or not has to mention when the ad posted is paid for by the advertisers. They are concerned about the people who follow them.

In 2017, letters were sent to the influencers and marketers in order to warn them about the requirements. However, actions were not taken place in this regard. In a report published last year, it is also revealed that actions have not been taken by the FTC against those who are not following these rules.

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