Ufone, Super Card

Ufone has recently increased the prices of mostly used and famous Super Card packages from weekly to monthly by Rs.30. These Ufone Super Card packages were first introduced in 2014. At this time, Ufone initiated Super Card facility with a theme named “Befikri”.

Ufone Revised Packages

The Monthly Card package prices rise from Rs. 520 to Rs. 550. The prices for the Mini Super Card package also go up by Rs. 30. Mini Super Card, a 15-days package was available in Rs.300 and now it will be available with a Rs. 30 increase. Mini Card price is now Rs. 330.

When Ufone introduced its Super Card packages in the beginning, the prices were below than what they are today. Monthly Ufone Card package was available for Rs. 500. Whereas, Mini Card was available for Rs. 275.

The prices for the weekly internet package and Super Minutes has also increased from Rs.100 to Rs.130.

However, the Ufone Card which was available for Rs.599 remains unchanged. The good news is that additional internet data of 500MBs has been added to it in the same price.


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