Ufone Internet Package 2020-Internet Bundles & Social Package

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Ufone is the best telecommunication company that has never disappointed its customers when it comes to new packages. This article will let you know about all the Internet packages like hourly, weekly, daily, monthly and other Ufone Super internet package.

ufone internet packages

Ufone Internet Packages 2020

Ufone is providing its customers with a wide range of bundles to facilitate them in the best possible way. These include Ufone prepaid daily, weekly, monthly, 3-day, and a social data internet package.

Ufone Daily Bundles

Bundle Charges MBs Validity Code
Daily Light Rs. 12 40 MB (500 MB for social websites) 1 Day or 24 hours *2256#
Daily Heavy Rs. 18 75 MB (500 MB for social websites) 1 Day *2258#
Special Daily Rs. 6 500 MB + 50 MB 1 am to 9 pm *3461#
Mega Internet Bucket Rs. 15 2 GB 1 Day *550#

3 Days Bucket Bundle

Bundle Charges MBs Validity Code
3 Day Bucket Rs. 30 100 MB (500 MB for Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter) 3 Day *3350#


Prepaid customers have many internet bundles from weekly to monthly bundles which are offered by Ufone at affordable rates. These bundles can be subscribed by dialing given codes and you will also get Ufone 3G, 4G support also.


Ufone Weekly Internet Packages

Bundle Charges MBs Validity Code
Ufone Super Internet Package Rs. 130 1.2 GB 7 Days *220#
Weekly Internet Plus Rs. 175 3 GB+ 3 GB (from 1am to 8 am) *260#


Ufone Monthly Internet Packages

ufone monthly internet packages

Bundle Charges MBs Validity Code
Monthly Light Rs. 390 1GB + 2GB Social Media Data 1Month/30 Days *7807#
Monthly Heavy Rs. 780 3GB + 2GB Social Media Data 1Month *803#
Monthly Max Rs. 1560 10GB + 2GB Social Media Data 1Month *5100#


Social Data Bundles

Bundle Charges MBs Validity Code
Social Daily Rs. 6 100 MBs 1 Day *4422#
Daily Chat Rs. 6 10,000 SMS + 500 MB  WhatsApp 1 Day *3465#
Streaming Rs. 10 500 MBs 1 Hour *78#
Social Monthly Rs. 60 Free Internet Usage on Social sites 1GB 30 Days *5858#





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