Uber Riders App Gets Deactivated With “Below Average Rating”

Uber riders will suffer “Deactivation app” which has a below-average rating, so it is up to the riders to improve their rating as well. Well, there was a time when the drivers’ rating never matters and no activities have been taken in the past.

Now, the famous ride-hailing company has announced news regarding the below-average marking of riders. Uber, an American multinational transportation company said that the riders with “below-average rating” will have a risk of “deactivation app”.

Riders who have been misbehaving in the past will pay for it. Since the beginning when Uber was launched, the drivers were aware of the fact that in case they get low averages from riders, they may face a deactivation.

Now, the tables have been turned and drivers will be able to rate the riders they pick. Hence, any bad behavior can put the riders in a worse situation as they may be facing punishment in the form of app deactivation.

Tips for Uber Riders

The head of safety brand and initiative at Uber company named “Kate Parker” said that

Riders will no longer have access to Uber, if their rating is below average. He further said that riders may receive tips too in order to improve certain negative factors that can drastically impact their ratings.

Improvement Tips:

  • Adopting a polite behavior with the driver.
  • Avoid throwing trash in the vehicle.
  • Stop requesting the driver to increase the speed limit.

Kate said that riders will be given opportunities to improve their ratings in order to regain access to the Uber apps.

Riders are unaware of the fact that drivers can also rate them in the same way, riders rate them and their name is also mentioned in the profile. However, neither riders nor drivers can see the ratings and they have been marked as the averages.

Drivers are prone to deactivation when their rating falls below a certain level that is 4.6. Uber has not revealed about the threshold level of the Riders yet.

Meanwhile, drivers are provided with some additional comments which are “Wait Time“, “Patience”, “Number of Riders”, “Attitude”, “Wanted New Route”. If a rider gets anyone of these tags twice within 30 days, then whenever they open the Uber App, they will get a notification about their affected averages.

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