Uber Has Launched Safety Feature For Pakistani App Users

Uber, a ride-hailing company has recently launched a new safety feature “Check Your Ride” for Pakistani app users. The new feature aims at protecting the passengers from any harm like getting a wrong Uber ride and other safety risks.

This ride-hailing Uber Company is investing in the technology to prevent customers from unwanted situation and increase their safety. They have been working more on the safety regarding issues of customers.

Previously, they have introduced safety features for the passengers, which include sharing the whereabouts with your loved ones with 24/7 support. The other features which have already been introduced are background checks on drivers and GPS tracking of the trips.

Recently the ride-hailing cab service has launched a feature to check your ride push notification and in-app reminders. This has been provided to every rider across the globe where the Uber service is active.

Saftey Feature for Uber App Users

This is an amazing safety feature which is going to allow the riders to check the data of the driver and Uber car like a license plate, driver photo, and car model before starting the ride. Before even entering into the car, the rider can also ask the driver to show his identity through his name. All the data will be available on the rider app, his name and other credentials.

The same goes with the driver as well. The driver can ask the rider about his or her credentials, when arrives to pick the rider. This information exchange mechanism will further eliminate any kind of confusion and misunderstanding between the rider and driver and increase the safety of both of them.

The new safety feature is a best in-app reminders which will prove useful, even for those who are riding Uber first time and not familiar with the app services. They have to confirm the credentials first before starting the ride to ensure that they have entered in the right car without any confusion.

The push notification through this in-app service will provide the rider with Check Your Ride in-app banner. A clear message will be shown to the rider to check the credentials of the driver once they book a ride and it will remain till the trip gets started.

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