U.S has Delayed the Ban on Huawei License for 90 Days

U.S has announced to ban the license of Huawei for Google and Android last week and on Monday after few hours they have eased some restrictions. Huawei is a growing tech giant of the century who has recently introduced its own Operating System named “HongMeng OS”. There are rumours that this Huawei OS is going to replace Android soon as it is in its trial testing phase.

According to the Commerce Department of U.S, the recent delay is not the reverse of the ban that has been imposed on Huawei regarding Android. However, U.S will allow Huawei to purchase the American made products in order to maintain their existing network activities and their handsets will be provided with the software updates as well.

But the company is not allowed to buy the American parts to manufacture their own products without license approval that has been denied.

In these 90 days, Huawei is considered to have the OS updates certified with Google for their existing handsets. There is no possibility that this Chinese company will launch another handset which is certified by Google. However, Honor 20, Honor 20 Pro and Mate X are in the safe zone and for the mean time Android Q updates will be operational in their handsets.

The handsets, which Huawei may be planning to launch later have not a bright future anytime sooner.

According to former Commerce Department official, Kevin Wolf explained the 90 days’ delay of the ban is to prevent the third parties from long lasting impacts, who uses Huawei equipment and systems. This is to prevent the network blackouts for the meantime.

U.S and China Trade War

The whole story circulates around the U.S and China trade war. According to U.S intelligence, Huawei is backed by the Chinese military and this is giving the Beijing and their other rivals a gateway into U.S communication network.

In this security threat situation, Washington has pushed their own allies to the level where they have shut down the ties with Huawei. Huawei technology is in a bad condition right now and the world is waiting how they will survive this U.S technology attack.

President Donald Trump had black listed Huawei last week after declaring it as a risk to their national security. On Monday, the leniency of 90 days has been issued, but the war is over as U.S has banned the selling and transferring of their technology to Huawei.

After Google has halted Huawei license for Android, Intel and Qualcomm decided to cease their supplies to a Chinese company.

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