Twitter Lash Out On Controversial Coke Ad #ExtremelyPakistani

Every time a new ad appears on your television screens, some love it while some consider it out of the way and senseless. The same thing happens with the coke ad Pakistan which has recently released in June 2019. In creating a content that positively represents Pakistanis, Coca Cola has gone too far this time replacing the word Pakistanis with extremists.

Controversial Coca Cola Ad For Coke Pakistan

The music is produced by Zulfiqar Jan aka Xulfi with a campaign #ExtremelyPakistani in the ad. The ad has meant to change the whole idea of extremism in Pakistan in a positive way. Unfortunately, creativity is facing severe criticism and backlashed.

Some people admired the concept of Extremely Pakistani with a new version of Iss Parcham ke Saaye Talay Hum Aik Hain.

Jawad Ahmad tweeted about the new version of Coca Cola Ad which begin saying that yes we Pakistanis are extremist. He said that this is an ugly interpretation of word “Extremism”. Jawad said that the ad depicts the mentality of brand and marketing that they can stoop just to make money. He added that the marketing team is dumb and immature enough to sell their bottles through hitting on a highly sensitive social issue.

Raza Haroon also highlighted the poor choice of words. He added crossing the word “Pakistanis” with “Extremists” is unintentionally portraying a negative propaganda against Pakistan. He asked Coca Cola to review this advertisement.

It is literally facing a lot of criticism.

People called it a trash campaign by trash marketing team.

This man truely nailed the description, rephrasing the word Extremists to Passionate.

The whole music is #HumAikHain which was previously admired has a new version calling Pakistanis, “Extremists”. The idea of marketing team was to show the world that Pakistanis show extreme levels either its happiness or sadness. Although the overall picture is a true representation of love and emotions and beauty of Pakistan, but calling Pakistanis, extremists for the sake of advertisement is totally unacceptable.

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