Turkey Local Elections: Erdogan Loses Hold of the Major Cities

Turkey Local Elections, Erdogan loses, AK Party

In the recent Turkey Local Elections, Erdogan loses hold of the major cities including Ankara. Tayyip Erdogan, President of AK Party, suffered this tragic loss for the first time ever since 2001.

The capital and the economic hub of the Country, Ankara had always been under the surveillance of Justice and Development Party, abbreviated as AK. Both the parties are surviving a strong battle in Istanbul.

AK party says that they have plenty of evidence which proves the irregularities in the Istanbul voting. AK party, who had been ruling the country for more than 17 years, for now, was at stake as it was a matter of life and death for AK party.


Both the parties, AK and Peoples Republican party (CHP), in Ankara, had won 47% and 50% respectively. This was announced by the State news Agency Anadolu.

In Istanbul, the results were pretty close, as CHP was leading with 48.79% with a little bit margin of AKP’s 48.51%. Parties have three days to file complaints against each other regarding the objections. After the filings, official results will be announced.

AK Party Istanbul Candidate Binali Yildirim said that from the overall votes of 25,000 behind, 300,000 votes were invalid in the favor of CHP.

Bayram Senocak, Istanbul Provincial Head said in a statement that until now, Erdogan’s party have had always won the elections fair and square.

However, in the third most populous city, Izmir, CHP’s candidate was leading with 58 percent votes leaving behind AK’s 38 percent votes.

In the recent year, the Turkish currency, Lira devaluated 40 percent against the United States Dollar. In the overall voting, as reported from the preliminary results by Anadolu, AK party took 51 percent votes with National Alliance, while the opposition Alliance scored 37 percent votes.

The turnover was over more than a million in terms of voting, and as Erdogan lead the rallies and was the face on most of the campaigns, it is a matter of survival for him.

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