Which is Better TubeBuddy Extension or VidIQ Extension?

You will face competitors if you make YouTube videos to get more views. This is because, being the biggest search engine after Google, YouTube creators have made it help you grab viewers’ attention. Several people are running non-profit videos on YouTube, making you fall in love with them and forcing you to subscribe to their channels. You will find elements of kindness, cuteness, emotions, information, and much more. This article will provide you with techniques to improve your YouTube views, like VidIQ Extension, Viral Booster, a Comparison between vidIQ vs. tube buddy, and TubeBuddy Extension. Let’s Explore youtube tools.

VidIQ vs. Tubebuddy

Tubebuddy Vs. VidIQ - Which is the BEST YouTube Extension?


Making compelling videos to attract the right audiences is not enough; you have to make them more entertaining to hit their minds. This is the only way to increase the number of people on your YouTube channel. There is a need to upload videos keeping in mind the taste of the audience and their interests.

Once they get an emotional attachment to your videos and laugh at your jokes or make you cry, the audience will surely visit your YouTube channel to watch your cause.

tubebuddy, vidiq

There are three secret techniques to improve your YouTube views:


VidIQ Extension

VidIQ Extension will help you in your YouTube videos and unveils the secret behind more YouTube Views. This extension will help you make your video viral and provides you with techniques to get you more views.

vidiq extension

VidIQ vision will help you get more YouTube views through the following features.

VidIQ Score

This technique ranks the YouTube video among million and prescribes a score of optimization to it. This will help you predict your video, other searches, recommended videos, and related videos for promotions.


This VidIQ extension facility will inform you about the views per hour on other YouTube videos. It will give you an idea of which type of content is getting more audience attention and how the views on it are increasing rapidly.

Average Watch Time

This will tell you about the average time to watch your videos and others’ videos you have been watching.

Likes, Comments, and Shares on Social Sites:

VidIQ extension will tell you about the number of times people have liked, commented, and shared your video on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. You will also get an idea of how many times the URL of your YouTube videos has been shared in the comment section or else.


To better optimize your videos on the  YouTube channel, this extension will let you view SEO data for mega-tags.

Link for Description:

VidIQ extensions offer suggestions and other unique practices to add links to the description of your YouTube videos.

Word Count of Description

This chrome extension will also warn you of your too-short description on YouTube videos. It will also update you with the right time for YouTube optimization.

VidIQ Pro

VidIQ extension will not only perform keyword research for popular videos but also provide you with the best keywords for your upcoming videos. It will also keep track of the competition, and your videos will get promoted.

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VidIQ Boost

This browser extension will now boost the SEO of your YouTube videos and provide keyword recommendations to help optimize tags, titles, and descriptions. This vidIQ extension will allow you access to the Pro tools to optimize your channel.


TubeBuddy Extension

We pride ourselves on offering top-notch customer support that’s anything but second-rate and distant. If you have questions about TubeBuddy, we’ll be there to help you out every step of the way (we call ourselves TubeBuddy for youtube for a reason)

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TubeBuddy extension is a channel of management for Premier YouTube and a tool for Video optimization. This extension adds a layer of functionality to the top of the YouTube website. Moreover, you will be able to find the best buddies on the TubeBuddy extension.

The Tubebuddy extension will help you update your videos and add annotations to them with a few clicks. Through this technique, you can also produce thumbnails professionally with the help of branding and screenshots.

With the help of TubeBuddy, you can engage with your YouTube audience speedily. This extension will also increase your YouTube views effectively.

Moreover, you will be able to export all the details of subscribers of your YouTube videos on your channel. In this way, you can get details of your competitor channels, carry out an analysis on them, and try to attract and find tricks to gain more subscribers and viewer traffic.


TubeBuddy also allows you to share your videos across many platforms, which may continue to help you get more views. If you have questions about TubeBuddy, you can submit a feature request to tell them what you want to add to the website.

Viral Boost

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Viral BoostBoost refers to the social sharing of your YouTube videos to get more views and subscribers to your channel. It also includes social referrals. Tubebuddy is one of the best youtube views boosters but in a natural way.

Once your video gains momentum on the YouTube channel and you get maximum subscribers and views, you have to keep going. Viral BoostBoost is a technique that will help your video go viral on all social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumbler, Reddit, and Instagram. This ongoing BoostBoost will not only spread your YouTube video to all the social networking sites. People will start sharing them even through messaging apps like WhatsApp.

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Once your video gets viral through this boost and sharing, your YouTube views will be enhanced over time, becoming trending.

Which is Better, VidIQ vs. TubeBuddy?

Most people prefer TubeBuddy over VidIQ because of its advantages, including its pro variant is less costly than VidIQ. VidIQ has benefits such as never having to give a partnership venture on your YouTube channel. It also shows the referral and embedded sources of one’s channel or videos. These features aren’t available in TubeBuddy at all.

Is TubeBuddy YouTube certified?

It’s essential to indicate instantly that TubeBuddy is approved and certified and directly integrates with your YouTube channels. It’s perhaps not just a means to buy likes or views. These norms aren’t allowed by YouTube.

With the help of these three secret youtube view booster techniques, you will not only be able to get more YouTube views, but you can also improve certain things on this platform. Indeed by now, you have a clear understanding of the Youtube tools & video vs. tube buddy platform.

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