Places to visit in Islamabad Pakistan 2020

A beautiful blend of traditional and modern architecture, clean streets, and the powerhouse of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Islamabad is the city to visit. Take a scroll through the parks in Islamabad, on the other hand, take a hike on trail 5 Islamabad. While the Margalla hills are the main attraction in Islamabad, Shahdara Islamabad is a natural picnic spot where families can go and enjoy. Saidpur village Islamabad is also a famous spot with fantastic scenery and restaurants. Pakistan is a land full of natural wonders and cultural diversity with the growing tourism industry. There are plenty of places to visit in Islamabad, we will try to cover the best places to visit in Islamabad.

Places to visit in Islamabad

While we argue whether Lahore or Karachi takes the top spot for the best city, our Capital takes the cake for being the most beautiful of them all. So let’s explore one of the Best Places to visit in Islamabad

Faisal Mosque

Faisal Mosque

In 1960 to bring the equal distribution of power in a growing economy, a new capital was built that showcased the diversity of Pakistan. There are so many attractions in Islamabad it’s hard to pinpoint the best one. At the foot of the margalla hills stands the breathtaking Shah Faisal Mosque. It is tall and has a unique architecture complete with a courtyard that can accompany up to 100,000 people. Faisal mosque is significant as it is one of the largest mosques in Asia. It was a gift from King Faisal of Saudi Arabia. The mosque will take you on a magical journey as you explore its geometric design, glorious views, and four white pillars reaching for the sky. Tourists come to visit this alluring mosque every day.

Clean and Green


Our culture is our strength, and Pakistan is blessed with a rich one. What makes Islamabad special is its lush greenery and amazing weather. Islamabad is a modern city with vast roads, clean streets, and amazing architecture with Margalla hills in the backdrop. As soon as you enter Islamabad the air becomes fresh and you feel lighter. No matter how many times you visit, nevertheless, the pleasant weather will make you want to stay. you will want to take a scroll through the enchanting parks in Islamabad as it rains. Along with many attractions in Islamabad, you will likely see some friendly faces around as it’s not overpopulated. The people are friendly and even take tourists into their homes in Saidpur village.

On The Trail We Blaze

There are many attractions in Islamabad, and the luscious Margalla hills are full of surprises. There are several trails you can take up the hills with friends and family. The popular trail 5 Islamabad as it is not hard in contrast to trail three. Trail 5 Islamabad is 5.08km long and perfect for enjoying on a crisp Sunday morning. You start your journey from the F5 sector, take a splash, make some BBQ at the picnic spot, and end at Pir Sohawa. A little south to the Salt Range in clear view is the iconic Daman e Koh. It is famous for its picnic spots like Shahdara Islamabad, and locals love to spend time there. You will meet all kinds of people, and there are fun activities to enjoy.

Pir Sohawa

Pir Sohawa, trail 5 islamabad

Pir Sohawa is a highland located an altitude of 5000 feet with a breathtaking view. After a long hike, finally, you are rewarded with a picture of the whole city. there is then the popular attraction in Islamabad, “The Monal Restaurant.” Customers can sit near the edge of the cliff as they sip tea; enjoy the cold Pir Sohawa weather as the sunsets. At night the place comes to life as the whole city lights up as a result It is one of the most beautiful sights to experience at least once.

Rawal Lake and Parks

Now there are many parks in Islamabad that locals and tourists alike admire. The Fatima Jinnah and central parks in Islamabad offer activities and long trails to enjoy. The most famous is Rawal Lake and the adjacent lake view park. On the road leading to Murree, at the same time, a side road leads to this heaven. The site is complete with an amusement park that has games, rides, paintball, and wall climbing. The park at last ends with Rawal Lake, where tourists can enjoy boat rides etc.

Lok Virsa Museum

Pakistani heritage is, in fact, rich, bold, and colorful, which is why the Lok Virsa museum was built in 1974 to celebrate it. Tourist comes here from all over the world to see the museum. It showcases our living traditions from all corners of the country.  The museum is one of a kind and is spread to different museum houses. They feature music, national treasures, Buddhist shrines, and much more. There are so many attractions in Islamabad city, so this list could go on and on.

Mesmerizing Village Life

saidpur village islamabad

If you’re looking to get a feel of village life than Saidpur village Islamabad is the best option. It is easy to travel to and offers a down to earth authentic experience that will put a smile on your face. Away from the busy streets and skyscrapers, Saidpur village Islamabad offers a simple yet beautiful view of the hills. not to mention the mouthwatering smell from nearby restaurants. There is also another park in Islamabad located near Saidpur village. It is also home to a Hindu temple and a Sikh Gurdwara. A little further in the walls are covered with artwork, children running on the streets, and a whole village living peacefully.

Islamabad famous places include Shahdara, a village known for being a picnic spot. The interesting point is that it’s only 10 km away from Aiwan-e-Sad. So after enjoying Shahdara Islamabad, tourists can take a detour ride by Pm house, High court, etc. This tour ends with Pakistan Monument near Shakarparian that overlooks the city. The monument represents unity and solidarity amongst the culturally diverse people of Pakistan, with four converging petal structures. The number of petals depicts the four provinces of Pakistan. The smaller petals represent Azad Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan, and government-controlled Tribal Areas.

Pakistan Monument , places to visit in islamabad

There is no surprise that Islamabad is the second most beautiful Capital in the world. How it brings all our cultures and traditions together with a modern twist is what sets it apart. Taking in the blissful village life, trail 5, Shahdara Islamabad, modern architecture, and authentic culture, it’s safe to say there is no place like Islamabad.

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