top four, world cup points table

Defeated from West Indies horrendously and then defeated England by a close call of 15 runs, and as the luck calls, the third match of Pakistan and Sri Lanka was abandoned due to rainy weather on Friday at Country Ground, Bristol. After this chaos, Pakistan has entered into top four in the World Cup Points Table.

Up till now, Every team has played at least two matches, with only Indian team one against South Africa and still demolishing them, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and South Africa are the only teams which have played three.

The new points table revealed Pakistan entering into the top four spot with three points (One from Pakistan vs Sri Lanka and Two Points from Pakistan vs England match).

Three Matches, One Win, One Defeat, One Abandoned and into the Top Four

New Zealand is leading the World Cup points table being played only two matches, won them, four points with a Net Run Rate of +2.279.

Australia stands at second with same number of matches played, same winning rounds, but only a change in the Net Run Rate that is +1.059.

top four, world cup points table

Sri Lanka is standing at third place with three matches played, one win, one loss, and one abandoned against Pakistan, and a Net Run Rate of -1.517.

Pakistan is at the fourth place of the World Cup Points Table, with a Net Run Rate -2.412.

As expected and listening to the recent press by the Coach Mickey Arthur, Pakistan will bounce back into the World Cup, and they have a higher chance of getting into the Semi-Finals.

The four teams will qualify for the Semi-finals, in which the first and the last team (fourth in the points table) will play each other and the teams that are at second and third place in the points table will play each other.

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