Alligator Movie 2019 “CRAWL” In Theatres Now

In summer where there are plenty of blockbusters breaking the box office, CRAWL is the thrilling movie that will not disappoint you. Last time in summer 2016, The Shallows and Don’t Breathe provided a mega and efficient thrill. The Crawl is a killer movie in which a hurricane stranded Kaya Scodelario and she meets the pack of alligators. This alligator movie 2019 released in July.

Alligator Movie 2019 – CRAWL 

The Movie Crawl is something that will give you goosebumps as it is less tongue-in-cheek in comparison to the Piranha remake. Crawl is directed by Alexandre Aja with stars Kaya and Barry pepper. Haley (Kaya) has been looking for his father, Barry when the hurricane hits and she drives to her old family house. Her dad has not been answering her calls and she came back to make sure he is fine. She found his dad unconscious because their house has been flooded.

In the trailer, you will see alligators pouring along with the rainwater in their house. The movie is all about surviving. Father and daughter have to survive the flood and to save themselves from drowning and the massive alligator’s teeth.

You will see the characters in a flooded house with real water with some computerized effects of weather. Haley finds her dad in the basement and the show started with the hide and seek from alligators.

Biggest Aquatic Scary Movie is in Theatres Now:

It is a small scale movie in which you will see Haley swimming, jumping and yes, crawling through the tight panels for her life. The giant alligators and their bites prove fatal, so running for life is an only option.

The music effects are great as they have played with the water drop tone to prove it is all about the hurricane, flood, and alligators.

This summer you will find many amazing thriller movies to kill boredom and CRAWL is definitely the one.

CRAWL is in theatres now. You can see the IMDb rating of this movie, which is 6.9 in just 3 days of its release date which was July 12. You can grab your tickets in nearby cinemas and watch this thriller and killer movie. One should wait for the HD print at Netflix and other movie sites too.

Barry Pepper, Haley’s Father in CRAWL thankful tweet!

Watch this alligator movie 2019 for yourself in theatre and share your experience with us.

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