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Every youngster qualifying Higher Secondary education either by Fsc or A levels has a dream goal to get the education of engineering from a prestigious university. There are not enough public universities to give admission to all students. But there are Private engineering Universities in Pakistan. From the opinions of all education experts, Ghulam Ishaq Khan University is a viable option. This article will educate you about GIKI  admission, Ghulam Ishaq Khan university Fees, GIKI University ranking & GIKI University merit.

History of the Institute

The plan of the institute has an interesting history. In the 1950s, Ghulam Ishaq Khan felt the need of Pakistani Experts in the engineering field. He devised a plan for an institute for engineering and sciences.

His plan remained under for three decades, and in 1985 the foundation of the institute got 50 million donations. After that registration and acquisition of the land became convenient. The trust of the University chose the city of Swabi and built an institute. In 1988 the first batch of engineering students was enrolled.

From that point, Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of engineering, science, and technology is educating students.

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Faculties and Departments

Ghulam Ishaq Khan university is the best among the private engineering universities of Pakistan. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. programs.

Here is the list of faculties and departments.

  • Faculty of computer science and engineering
  • Electrical engineering (electronics and power) 
  • Faculty of engineering sciences
  • materials and chemical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering 
  • Department of management sciences
  • Chemical engineering program

All faculties have qualified staff, lecturers, and doctors.

The Policy of the institute

The institute has the policy to grant admission in the undergraduate program on the basis of earlier education and performance in the test. However, Ghulam Ishaq Khan University fees is pretty reasonable for some elites.

The test is based on multiple-choice questions from the intermediate course syllabus. The subjects of the test are physics, chemistry, and mathematics.

The institute does not have a quota or reserved seats for anyone. Moreover, there is no admission based on donations.

Any person regardless of age, class, race, gender, and domicile can get admission if he/she qualifies through merit.

ghulam ishaq khan university admission, ghulam ishaq khan university fees, giki ranking

Admission test for engineering and computer sciences

The admission to the undergraduate program is decided on the basis of the test. This test is a multiple-choice question test and the candidate has to prepare from the intermediate syllabus. The subjects in the test are physics, chemistry, and mathematics.

The test is held in multiple locations of Rawalpindi, Lahore, Quetta, Peshawar, Multan, and Karachi. The venue is updated on the website of the University. Candidate can choose the venue according to their convenience.

Admission test for management sciences program

The admission in the undergraduate management sciences program is granted after the GIKI common admission test. This test measures the reading, writing, and mathematical skills of the candidate.

ghulam ishaq khan university admission, ghulam ishaq khan university fees, giki ranking

The Application procedure

The applicant needs to follow these steps.

  • Go to the GIKI website.
  • Login and fill and apply online application.
  • Upload color photo in the profile.
  • Apply for scholarship or loan.
  • Print bank challan.
  • Make payment to the bank.
  • Fill the profile with bank challan details.
  • Reach the test center with admit card, academic certifications, and bank challan.
  • Keep following the website for entry test results.
  • Send the required documentation to GIKI if admission is offered.


The candidate must have

  • HSSC (pre-engineering) with 60% marks.
  • HSSC (pre-medical) additional math with 60% marks.
  • A-Level with physics, chemistry, and maths with grades D or above.
  • American or Canadian High school diploma with 60% marks.
  • BSc in mathematics with 60% marks.
  • Three-year associate engineering diploma with 60% marks.

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Comparative Assessment criteria

GIKI Admission is granted on merit. The criteria for merit is as follows.

  • The marks of the test will weight 85% in the merit list.
  • HSSC marks will weigh 10%, and SSC marks will weigh 5%.
  • A-Level marks will weigh 15%.
  • BSc marks will weigh 15%.
  • Three-year diploma marks will weigh 15%.

The merit will be calculated by adding percentages of tests and academic marks.

GIKI university fee structure

Ghulam Ishaq khan University fees are refundable within the first 16 days. After that, there will be no refund.

For engineering and computer sciences, the fees are mentioned below.

  • the first-semester fee is 327500 Rs.
  • second-semester fee is 327500 Rs.
  • third-semester fee is 347500 Rs.
  • The fourth-semester fee is 347500 Rs.
  • fifth-semester fee is 367500 Rs.
  • sixth-semester fee is 367500 Rs.
  • the seventh-semester fee is 377500 Rs.
  • eight-semester fee is 377500 Rs.
  •  private engineering universities in pakistan,

For the management sciences program, the fees are mentioned below.

  • first-semester fee is 300000 Rs.
  • The second-semester fee is 300000 Rs.
  • third-semester fee is 315000 Rs.
  • fourth-semester fee is 315000 Rs.
  • the fifth-semester fee is 330000 Rs.
  • sixth-semester fee is 330000 Rs.
  • the seventh-semester fee is 345000 Rs.
  • eight-semester fee is 345000 Rs

The students have to pay the hostel expenses and messing charges, which are variable.

GIKI Ranking

GIKI is a respectable institute, and the GIKI ranking & GIKI University merit proves it. The ranking of GIKI in Pakistani universities is 18, among one of the best private engineering universities in Pakistan, and it is ranked at 3881 number in all world universities.

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