The Benefits of Planting Trees in the Cities

There are like hundred benefits of planting trees, They help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink and provide a home for animals, birds, and insects. Trees absorb harmful carbon from the atmosphere to prevent climate change. The uses of trees include medicines, food, and pure air.

The Various Benefits of Planting Trees:

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  • Bring down Temperature

Perhaps the worst effect of urbanization is deforestation. Along with other factors, this has contributed to the heat wave in the world. Trees can reduce the temperature to 5 to 7 degrees by providing shade and releasing water in the atmosphere.

  • Reduce Climate Change

We are witnessing the worst effects of global warming, the weathers are getting extreme every year all because of the emission of carbon compounds in the atmosphere. The easiest way to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is by planting trees.  Trees take carbon dioxide and poisonous gases such as a nitrous oxide to filter the air and release oxygen.

  • Natural Air conditioning

Strategically placed trees around the house can cut back the need for using Air conditioning. Architects and scientist have come up with a great solution for small urban houses, The green roofs. Planting trees and shrubs on the roof can significantly alter the temperature of your house. The difference could be up to 7 to 10 degrees.

  • They filter the Air

Another benefit of planting trees is they filter the air of toxic gases, they release 200 to 450 gallons of water per day to maintain moisture in the air. Haven’t we all experienced the breath of fresh air when we are around trees? Trees are our last chance to protect the filthy urban atmosphere and control climate change.

  • Trees Provide habitat for Wildlife, Birds, and Insects

Another important benefit of planting trees is they provide a home to wildlife. They help sustain the ecosystem and prevent birds, insects and small animals from migrating from the cities.

  • Trees are Stress Relievers

The lush green of trees is a well-known stress reliever. Spending 30 minutes in a garden with trees can reduce your blood pressure and refresh your mind and improve mood.

  • Trees to offset the Environmental Impact of Vehicles

An acre of trees absorbs carbon dioxide equal to driving your car for 26,000 miles, every year. It is our cheap solution to cut back on pollution and protect the atmosphere.

  • Increase Rainfall

Trees can increase rainfall to an area, in fact strategically planting forests can help fight off droughts. But that would require a lot of trees. In an urban setup, trees can help retain the air moisture and cool down the streets and houses.

  • Trees Provide Free Food

An important use of trees is free food. You can get seasonal fruits from trees, and we can use their bark, leaves, and flowers too as medicine or food.

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