Tesla, an electric car manufacturing company has shown a record breaking production of 95000 cars in the second quarter of 2019. It has shown a great performance in both the production and delivery of products this year. The problematic times of Tesla regarding ambiguity of its CEO have now gone.

Tesla has break previous records:

During the second quarter of 2019, Tesla has produced around 87,048 electric cars and delivered almost 95,200 cars out of them. Moreover, they have broken their own previous records with a pretty good margin of 5000 cars.

The huge record breaking production of Tesla, has increased the customer interest in their company and boosted the investors’ confidence as well.

This electric car company has not unveiled the reason behind the sudden increase in the production, but the most of the consumer demand has arrived from the Europe and China.

Out of the total cars produced, 72,531 belonged to Model 3s. Tesla has delivered around 75,000 cars of Model 3s in this quarter to reach this new record. This is above the expectation of many analysts who were expecting 91,000 deliveries.

Before that they performed pretty well at the end of 2018. However, Tesla’s good times came to end when its three high ranked executives left the company and joined other companies. They also faced a loss of $702 million during the first quarter. The stock price fell below $150 per share and a cutoff of 7% of the workforce was also recorded.

Electric Car Company Back on Track:

But recently, this electric car company has its price right back with a minimum of $200 range to the highest in $240. Moreover, it has undergone a high number of deliveries to the biggest vehicle market of China and to the Europe who is at par with the United States.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla said that they are back on track and they are very close to their goal to make the record and if they go out they will definitely make it.

Tesla is showing a great amount of growth in the production and deliveries. It is the achievement of this giant company that it has shown huge growth of 51% and 217% quarterly and yearly.


This company has improved its deliveries and logistics while at the same time they are keeping a check on the cost with fulfilling the demands.


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