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Telenor Pakistan, a provider of digital and telecom services will be collaborating with Unilever to enable digital and financial inclusion. The purpose behind this union is to increase the access to the digital retail services, financial services with digital modification of products and services across Pakistan.

This is a collaboration that will create an ecosystem, inclusive of the digital services to better assist the business activities for the consumers. The end users will be benefited the most from this digitally modified environment through integration of the expertise of both the Telenor and Unilever in telecom and consumer goods industries.

The aim behind this partnership is to utilize the modern technology power to run the business in such a way that it creates convenience, secure retailer environment and best shopping experience for consumers.

Telenor and Unilever vision

Another important aspect that will be achieved from this collaboration is generating livelihood for the people residing in remote areas and deprived of the basic needs. The aim of these two companies is to raise their standard of living through increased access of small and medium retailers to financial capital. Moreover, these two partners are heading towards creating a cashless payment mode. Telenor Pakistan and Unilever as socially responsible corporations are also incorporating the physically challenged and differently abled workforce to enhance the diversity of vision.

The Chairperson and CEO of Unilever “Shazia Syed” elaborated that this merger of expertise of both companies focused towards making Pakistan more digital economically and in line with the vision of government. The major aim behind the alliance of these two companies is to equip and enable the distributors, consumers, sellers and the whole community being part of this value chain to work together for the digital economy.

Telenor Pakistan CEO and Head of emerging Asia “Irfan Wahab Khan” further said that this collaboration with Unilever aims at bringing our country under the advantage of digital and social strategy. Telenor is hopeful in modifying and impacting the certain economy and empower other masses. He said that we are collaborating and moving towards adopting the business models with innovative technologies.


Vice President of Unilever, “Amir Paracha” is motivated towards the goal of this partnership that is creating an ecosystem digitally compact enough to carry out business activities as per global standards. This union is going to be successful for Pakistan in this regard as the world is moving more towards digital networking.



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