Tahir Randhawa, traffic police officer

This Thursday, a spoiled nephew of a Punjab assembly MPA, Tahir Randhawa slapped an on-duty traffic police officer over a parking dispute. The incident took place in a market near Azam Check Layyah, where the MPA’s nephew went for shopping.

Tahir Randhawa Nephew Bullied the Policeman in Uniform

The incident took place after he parked his motorbike in a “No Parking” spot. When the traffic warden asked him to move, of course he couldn’t take it being treated like public and abused and slapped the traffic police officer.

MPA Tahir Randhawa contested elections as an independent candidate from Layyah, and later joined Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in the last elections, 2018. He was nominated after his brother and former MPA was disqualified.

The Delimma of Pakistani Police

The irony of a situation is police acts as a tyrant when it comes to poor people, but with the powerful and strong they are helpless. To an extent they cannot even save themselves. In the viral video the young police officer is seen shedding tears of helplessness at the public humiliation.

Afterwards all the traffic police wardens protested by refusing to perform their duties. Unless strike action is taken against the bully nephew of MPA Tahir Randhawa. While the victim traffic warden filed and FIR against the MPA and his nephew.

Twitter Responded to the Incident of Tahir Randhawa with Enraged Tweets

The viral video and the news made people uneasy and angry at the same time.

While almost all agreed that the MPA’s nephew was being a bully, some questioned how come the police resorted to crying instead of taking actions.

People asked for strong action against the MPA and his nephew, some even commented attacking a police officer is the same as attacking an army officer or check post. And should be dealt with the same force.

Some stayed sarcastic, believing no action will be taken against the culprit.

To conclude:

The VIP culture has a strong hold on our society overall, the mighty, rich and powerful is above law one way or the other. To an extent they find it insulting to follow rules and regulations. It’s high time that Tehreek-e-insaf government takes strict actions against the MPA Tahir Randhawa and his nephew to avoid such incidents in futures.



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